Nice crystal ball...

Jonathan Willis
August 20 2008 10:21PM

Apparently Jim Matheson has too much time on his hands—he’s started responding to some of the crazier rumours that bounce around the message boards.

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The Top 50

August 20 2008 02:00PM

We read Spector’s Hockey Blog with great regularity

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Hartigan: heart 'a gold

August 19 2008 01:13PM

We don’t want to go all Lowetide on your collective ass, but this is Mark Hartigan.

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Another Sign of the Apocolypse: Comrie to marry Duff?

August 18 2008 03:49PM


Great Odin's beard! Sweet hammer of Thor! Someone please tell us that this isn't true.

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Prospects, prospects everywhere

Jonathan Willis
August 18 2008 03:33PM


With Guy Flaming having posted his latest edition of the Oilers Top 20 Prospects, I’m thinking about who the Oilers have in the system right now, and the odds each player has of making the NHL.

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