Trouble for Hockey Night in Canada?

Jonathan Willis
March 11 2012 09:26AM

An interesting article appeared in the Globe and Mail yesterday, an article that suggested Hockey Night in Canada’s problems with the NHL go well beyond the Don Cherry/Brian Burke feud.

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Nation Radio - March 10, 2012

March 11 2012 09:10AM

It's that time of year again - you know, the one where Oilers fan's thoughts turn to prospects and the draft lottery while other fans are embroiled in playoff battles and scoreboard watching. Lowetide covers all the bases this week by talking Flames, Canucks and the 2012 entry draft.

This is Nation Radio.

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GDB 68.0: The Dreaded Early Game

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2012 10:05AM

I’m not sure where the story started that the Oilers were terrible in matinee games. It’s something I’ve believed the last few years, probably because I’d heard it somewhere else and never bothered to look into it, and possibly because there were a few terrible beat-downs among the losses suffered by the Oilers in those early games. The Rangers beat Edmonton 8-2 last year, and Detroit defeated them 8-3 a few years prior in early games, after all.

As it happens, though, the Oilers record in early games really isn’t that bad.

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March 10 2012 06:52AM

It'll take a lot of indifferent play, breaking curfew many nights and daydreaming all the time. However, the Edmonton Oilers--if they really don't try--might end up finishing 30th. AGAIN! The prize: the world's most valuable Nail.

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Shocking Blue

March 09 2012 07:25AM

Oscar Klefbom had a strong World Junior tournament and played another season in the pro Swedish Elite League. Klefbom even scored a couple of goals right at season's end to eclipse last year's boxcars. Now, the young man--regarded as the top blueline prospect in the Oilers system--will have to hurdle many, many older kids hoping for the same thing: a pro contract this summer.

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