Horcoff and Die

October 06 2010 05:38PM

The first time I noticed Shawn Horcoff, a pretty pass was zipping through the slot in a fall 2000 scrimmage. The intended target didn't get the pass, as his stick had been raised by his shadow; the two skaters faded from the scene, the puck safely out of harm's way. The shadow? Shawn Horcoff. His mark on that play? Long forgotten. Shawn Horcoff showed everyone early on he had the ability to play a complete game.

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October 06 2010 02:37PM


The Edmonton Oilers surprised very few today with the announcement that Shawn Horcoff will be the thirteeth Captain of the Edmonton Oilers. A veteran leader in the Oilers dressing room and one of the richest people in Canada, he will be in charge of molding the team intp Stanley Cup Contenders and general father figuring to the apple cheeked youngsters.

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Jason Gregor
October 05 2010 11:35PM

How can you not enjoy the independent state of Kate Moss? I really like her hat in this photo. (Yes she is wearing a hat). If you are confused that I would mention her hat, now you know how I feel about the state of Oilersnation right now. A lot of things have me perplexed.

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October 05 2010 05:49PM

This is Chris Vande Velde. His showing at this fall's training camp went mostly unnoticed what will all the commotion. We may one day look back on TC 2010 and remember it as the period of time when the Oilers finally saw that big center everyone was waiting for these many years. And that's not all.

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The End

Jonathan Willis
October 05 2010 01:24AM

Based on the reaction to Robin Brownlee’s latest post, it appears that the end is near. The 2010-11 Oilers roster has been decided in decisive fashion by a deciding decider, and there will be no further change. Liam Reddox, Linus Omark, and Richard Petiot are banished to the minors forthwith, on pain of death.

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