February 01 2010 10:04PM


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GDB LIV: What a difference a goalie makes!

Jason Gregor
February 01 2010 01:41PM

Eight days ago tonight’s game looked like an epic battle for 30th place, but after four straight wins the Hurricanes are seven points ahead of the Oilers. Have the Canes being playing great hockey all of a sudden? Not really, but their goalie, Sherwood Park native Cam Ward sure is.

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The Hurt Continues

January 31 2010 04:12PM

We’d rather jam a nail into our eye and wiggle it around until we passed out from the pain than discuss the Oilers and Flames game Saturday night. We would rather pull that same nail out and sprinkle drops of lemon juice into the open wound than think about the implications of being swept in a seasonal series by the Flames and being so far down the Conference Standings that the Oilers could soon be technically eliminated from the 2010/11 playoffs too.

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Dithering about: a Weekend at Tambi's?

Robin Brownlee
January 31 2010 02:12PM

Thank goodness Sheldon Souray busted a bone in his hand in his third-period fight with Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla in Cowtown Saturday. That saves Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini from unwisely rushing into any trades without proper time to assess his team's needs.

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Sunday Blues

Jason Gregor
January 31 2010 01:23PM

Good freaking afternoon to you too.

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