Robin Brownlee
March 30 2009 12:16AM


The official sign golf season was underway used to be the opening of Golden West Golf Course, but with the modest old track now closed, the Edmonton Oilers have taken over as the official beacon that's it's time for fans to move along and tee it up.

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GDB 76: Time for war

March 29 2009 01:32PM


Today is already a good day. The Oilers play the Wild, we are going to be in attendance and we get to write the GDB without any editorial overlords messing with our junk.

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GDB 75: Robert Frost's hockey wisdom lives on

Jason Gregor
March 27 2009 01:43PM


A few weeks ago my neighbour strolled up to my door toting a bottle of Bacardi Limon -- best drink going if you mix with water -- so I let her in. We yapped for a bit, poured a few Limons, but the Oilers game came on so I pretty much gave her the proverbial nod every few seconds suggesting I was listening to her. She must have caught on that I wouldn’t be engaging in any conversation until a commercial or intermission, so she sat at my computer and checked her e-mail.

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A night of treachery and deceit

March 27 2009 09:29AM


We will go uh... WTF  for $500 Alex.

A: On March 26, 2009 this team shot itself directly in the foot, losing 3-2 to the Phoenix Coyotes.

Q: Who are the damned Edmonton Oilers of 2009?

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GDB 74: They just don't get it in the Grand Canyon State

March 26 2009 04:53PM


We all know what's at stake tonight. We clearly need to win this game, and, oh yeah, every subsequent game between now and game seven of the Stanley Cup Final (am I deluded enough to think we'll make it there? No. But I AM drunk enough). If we can't beat Gretzky's mongrels, then we're royal screwed. I could take losing to the Wings. We weren't supposed to beat them anyway. And though the Oilers seem to be in the habit (sometimes) of winning games they have no business winning, then uh, surely tonight... Frick, we CAN'T lose.

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