April 23 2012 08:11PM

Since winning the lottery and the right to pick 1st overall in the 2012 draft, most fans and pundits have assumed that the club will pick young Russian Nail Yakupov. Makes sense. He's the most talented offensive player in the draft. But does that mean they'll take him? Is there a chance the Oilers trade down and grab a defenseman as the final member of their draft "fab four?"

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Anton Lander: Putting The Genie Back In The Bottle

Jonathan Willis
April 23 2012 06:11PM

Anton Lander made the jump directly from the Swedish Elite League to the National Hockey League this season. He did some good things – including a role on the penalty kill as one of the Oilers’ third set of forwards.

Should he break training camp with the Oilers next season?

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Robin Brownlee
April 23 2012 10:57AM

In a game that lends itself to a pre-occupation with size, intimidation and brawn, Jordan Eberle of the Edmonton Oilers serves as a reminder hockey IQ and the ability to think the game matters.

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Jason Gregor
April 23 2012 10:52AM

The second Jarret Stoll's snapshot whistled over Cory Schneider's shoulder ending the Canucks season, many Oiler fans were instantly tweeting, faceboooking and blogging how great it felt to see the Canucks out. Vancouver is a main rival, and arguably the most hated one, but Oiler fans should also realize that even when this never-ending rebuild of the Oilers is complete, there is no guarantee they will have playoff success.

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April 22 2012 07:20PM

Edmonton Oilers badly need good defenseman and help is on the way. Oscar Klefbom is rumored to be close to an NHL entry level deal, ensuring the club's best long term prospect will be an Oiler. The question is when?

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