Thank Goodness For The Professionals: Don Brennan on Dany Heatley

Jonathan Willis
June 12 2009 11:09AM


Bloggers take a lot of abuse from main-stream media types for their attachments to the teams they cover. I get it; a professional, objective tone is the way to discuss a sports team – at least, if a writer wants to be taken seriously – and many bloggers struggle to maintain that objectivity.

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What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Jason Gregor
June 11 2009 09:54PM

Remember that jingle? This commercial illustrates just how easy it could be… If life was only this easy, imagine what your lady friend would do if you cleared the whole table??? Dare to dream boys, dare to dream. Of course remember once you set that precedent then you’ll be expected to do it again. So weigh your options.

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Auditioning For The Second Line

Jonathan Willis
June 11 2009 05:37PM

Oilers Blackhawks Hockey

The Oilers may have a gap on their top line, but they have no shortage of second-line forwards, some of whom will undoubtedly be moved in the off-season. Let’s take a look at the options.

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Scavenging the Internets – Heatley, Sutter, and God Willing, Stuff I Have Not Already Tired Of

Jonathan Willis
June 10 2009 12:52PM


It’s been two days, and already I tire of the Heatley rumours.

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Hot Hot Heatley

Jason Gregor
June 09 2009 11:07PM


With Dany Heatley announcing he wants out of Ottawa and into the Western conference you can bet that 14 teams in West are preparing their offer. The Wings can’t take Heatley because he makes more than Lidstrom and that goes against their policy, not to mention Zetterberg and Datsyuk make less as well.

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