Duck season

December 01 2007 01:17PM


It's been over a year since the Ducks have been able to win in Edmonton. Last night was no exception. Honestly, 5-1? Not even our OilersNation Optimistic Predictions System (OOPS) computer spat out that final score.

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Redemption Time

November 30 2007 03:09PM


"Hopefully Calgary can tire them out and we can jump on them (tonight). It's a chance for us to put that last game behind us." - Raffi Torres

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Ethan Moreau: Ice Level, Part 2

November 30 2007 12:49PM

"It's unimaginable for anybody to miss this many games in a row, but knowing Ethan as well as I do, with the character he has and the passion for playing the game, this is the most difficult time of his life," added Staios.

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George Parros revealed to be twin brother of superstar Yanni

November 30 2007 10:47AM


OilersNation, AB—Fresh from breaking the worldwide scandal that Oiler Allan Rourke is the child of actor Mickey Rourke, Director of OilersNation Geneology Dr John Bednarski has discovered Anaheim Duck George Parros is in fact the twin brother of legendary performing artist Yanni.

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Welcome back, Chris

November 30 2007 10:42AM


Isn't there someone special you should pay a visit to while you're in town?

Love, The OilersNation

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