Reason twelve why we love Katz

September 28 2009 04:48PM


“I ball till I fall, stunt till I drop, I’m off the showroom floor, not the used car lot” – Rapper 50 Cent

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The real deal

Jason Gregor
September 28 2009 11:59AM


The pre-season is done, and outside of JF Jacques and Mike Comrie there haven’t been any major surprises. The most pressing question still hasn’t been answered: Will the Oilers send a proven vet to the minors?

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GDB MINUS 1: Emotional faceoffs

September 27 2009 05:17PM


And so the preseason that saw the return of Mike Comrie, the continued fall of Rob Schremp and the dehydration of Nikolai Khabibulin draws to a close with tonight’s tilt against the Canucks. And about time if you ask us – although an uninspired preseason could lead to a brick of a start to the regular season too.

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Deep thoughts XIII: Brass tacks

Robin Brownlee
September 26 2009 03:14PM


Don't expect a sneak peek at Pat Quinn's season-opening roster when the Edmonton Oilers wrap up the pre-season against the Vancouver Canucks Sunday because he made it clear today that's not what we’re going to get.

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Salary cap: how it may affect the final cut

Jason Gregor
September 26 2009 02:45PM


How much impact will the salary cap have on the final cuts for the Oilers? The Oilers have some financial restraints that could ultimately impact the final decisions. Let’s break down how much salary the Oilers have invested right now using each player’s cap hit from the numbers I received from the NHLPA.

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