Cracks In The Drafting?

Jonathan Willis
January 14 2012 03:05PM

Stu MacGregor has received near-universal acclaim for his work on behalf of the Oilers at the NHL Draft. MacGregor replaced Kevin Prendergast in time for the 2008 selections, a change as welcome as the switch from Barry Fraser to Prendergast had been way back when Kevin Lowe made it in 2001.

As with Prendergast, MacGregor made good on his first pick at the helm of the Oilers’ amateur scouting department, selecting Jordan Eberle 22nd overall in 2008. For the first time since that pick, I think there are signs that the Oilers may not be significantly better than the average team at the draft table.

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Golden Slumbers

January 14 2012 09:32AM

This is Nail Yakupov. From what I can tell his first name sounds more like 'Nile' than 'Nail' but I'm uncertain if that's artistic license or there's an actual trick to the pronounciation. Yakupov is dynamic--Taylor Hall dynamic--but for Oiler fans the thought of another appearance by Steve Tambellini at the draft lottery, another set of draft parties on a Friday night in June, another trip to the podium to announce "the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select" is almost too much to take.

The pinnacle of an NHL season is supposed to happen in spring, not summer. Right?

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Robin Brownlee
January 13 2012 10:37PM

As if it wasn't bad enough the Edmonton Oilers continued their tailspin into oblivion by taking a 5-0 spanking from the 29th-place Anaheim Ducks at Rexall Place Friday, they compounded the embarrassment by turning the other cheek after Francois Beauchemin slapped Sam Gagner around.

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Jason Gregor
January 13 2012 12:55PM

The original Clash of the Titans (1981) was an awesome movie. Harry Hamlin (Perseus) battled the revolting Medusa and the Kraken monster while trying to save Princess Andromeda. It was stellar stuff. The remake was good, but I'm a sucker for the orignal movies. My favourite part was when I realized Mickey, I mean Burgess Meredith was Ammon. Meredith was a great actor and everytime I see him I instantly think of him as Mickey, Rocky Balboa's trainer.

The Oilers could use Mickey's take-no-BS-attitude tonight, when they face the surging Anaheim Ducks, and they could use Perseus' fearlessness as well.

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January 12 2012 11:28PM

It is a somewhat unlikely line, being that one of the wingers may be on his way out of town and the center spends much of his time on the wings these days. Having said, that Ales Hemsky, Sam Gagner and Taylor Hall are burning opposition defenses at a torrid pace.

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