This just in: Sean Avery is a dick. Oh yeah, Game One tonight

April 25 2008 03:15PM


You have to hand it to the sports media on this planet.

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The Pot and the Kettle

Robin Brownlee
April 24 2008 04:10PM

Being a man of principle, Edmonton Oilers boss Kevin Lowe made it clear this week he doesn't hold former player agent Mike Gillis, now the GM of the Vancouver Canucks, in high regard.

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Shout out to JDRevenge

April 24 2008 02:47PM


A big shout out to our boy down in Calgary JDRevenge,

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Wanye Gretz Playoff Predictions™: Round Two—The East

April 24 2008 02:43PM


Going 3–1 in the West (with a point added for Pronger’s demise) pales in comparison to actually predicting 3 of 4 series correctly in the East.

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Wanye Gretz Playoff Predictions™: Round Two—The West

April 24 2008 02:35PM


Let’s look back in time and see what we predicted for Round One

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