Is there an issue Papa?

November 06 2009 11:13AM

No, no, no. It wasn’t supposed to go like this at all. There was a coaching change. Penner was on fire and Comrie got tricked into playing here by Kay-Z for a kazoo and a shiny bag of tokens to Galaxyland. Now we are trapped in a City on the verge of being torn apart by H1N1 infected zombies and the Oil are minutes from being declared “crappy” by all except our precious last few folk to depart the bandwagon each year. Oh, and winter can’t be more than 11 minutes away if it hasn’t already arrived since we last looked out the window.

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Edmonton Oilers: This Year Vs. Last Year

Jonathan Willis
November 06 2009 10:06AM

Given the current predicament of the team, I thought it might be interesting to project their numbers as of today against their record from last season. This is an inherently imperfect project; after all, it’s usually winning or losing streaks that motivate me to run comparisons like this, but it’s still an interesting exercise.

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Oilers vs. Rangers Postgame: I Seem to Recall the PK Being Bad Last Year...

Jonathan Willis
November 06 2009 07:22AM

Edmonton Oilers: 2

New York Rangers: 4

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Around the league - Nov 5, 2009

Jason Gregor
November 05 2009 11:11PM

The Carolina Hurricanes are on a ten game losing streak, the longest in the NHL since the St. Louis lost 13 straight from March 16th to April 8th in 2006.

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Better safe than Souray

Robin Brownlee
November 05 2009 03:54PM

The inclination to play through pain and rush back from injury is part of the DNA of NHL players like Sheldon Souray, so it's no surprise he's eager to get back in the Edmonton Oilers line-up.

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