HOLY COW! K-Lowe no longer GM

July 31 2008 11:56AM


Kevin Lowe is no longer the GM of the Edmonton Oilers. Let that one sink in Nation.

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So, you want the Oil to be more like the Wings?

July 31 2008 09:59AM

Then you have to do things like sign Valtteri Fillipula to a long-term deal at $3 million per year.

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Re-signing Garon just got easier

Jonathan Willis
July 30 2008 10:01PM

Tom Reed of Puck-Rakers (and the Columbus Dispatch) has the dollar figures on Pascal Leclaire’s new contract

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NHLPA Director makes Canada joyous

July 30 2008 11:42AM

The NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly recently told the Team 1040 in Vancouver that Canada is the bomb - with its high petro-dollar, rabid hockey fans and pleasant Canadian odours.

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Everyone’s favourite trade rumor signs a one year deal

July 29 2008 09:55AM

If we had a nickel for every time we had convinced ourselves Jay Bouwmeester was coming Chez Oil, we would be rolling around town in an SUV made of Ferraris welded together and coated in 24 carat gold.

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