Jason Gregor
January 11 2012 12:15PM


The Oilers start the second half of their season hoping they can find some consistency and learn how to play better in the 3rd period. The Oilers have been outscored 44-31 in the 3rd, despite outscoring the opposition 36-32 in the 1st and 43-40 in the 2nd. They need to be smarter and sometimes more patient in the 3rd and wait for the opposition to make a mistake, similar to the Wings and Pens, rather than try risky plays.

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Does the Momentum Boost From Fighting Help Teams Win Games?

Jonathan Willis
January 11 2012 02:40AM

It’s a scene anyone who watches NHL hockey has seen: two players squaring off, dropping the gloves, and going at it. One player might dominate the other, the two players might draw more or less even, but after the fight the teams will generally get back to playing 5-on-5 hockey (barring an instigator penalty to one player.)

Usually, one team will come out playing better after the fight. And usually, the commentator that evening will make a point of mentioning that Player X’s big fight win and/or willingness to go toe-to-toe with a beast like Player Y has given his team momentum.

Is there any truth to that story?

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Robin Brownlee
January 10 2012 06:31PM

Before any of us can try to figure out what the Edmonton Oilers are going to do as a team in the second half of the season, it makes sense to try to get a handle on how individual players might fare.

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January 10 2012 05:03PM

I've always cheered for the underdog. Along with making me an ideal Oiler fan circa 1991+, it also means that few things in sport make me smile more than things like Corey Power Potterplay's new contract and Gilbert Brule's new lease on life. It should be this way for all of us.

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Jason Gregor
January 10 2012 01:54PM

Dave Gagner played 946 NHL games scoring 318 goals and 719 points over 14 seasons. He scored 40 goals twice, 30 goals four times and 20 in three other seasons. He was even more productive in the playoffs tallying 22 goals and 48 points in 57 games. He was a solid NHLer, but the road to success wasn't easy or quick.

His first four seasons as a pro were split between the AHL, NHL and IHL. From 1985 to 1988 he played 14 games in the IHL, 110 in the AHL and 131 in the NHL. It wasn't until his 5th pro season that he became a regular NHLer, when he exploded for 35 goals and 78 points in 75 games with the Minnesota North Stars.

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