Robin Brownlee
November 13 2011 09:12PM

Flying high and feeling pretty good about themselves when they left town six games and a dozen days ago, the Edmonton Oilers have lost a little altitude and swagger since we last saw them.

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November 13 2011 02:10PM


Everyone who is a mega star now, was at one point impossibly young and just happy to be in the big leagues. Two of the youngest guns in the NHL meet tonight in Chicago. It might be argued that tonight's game is the first between the Hawks and Oilers that has been of any note whatsoever in years.

It could also be argued that these teams will have important matches against one another for years to come.

Only time will tell.

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November 13 2011 01:08PM

The many Nations in the Commonwealth are represented this week on NationRadio with a litlle something for everyone. Oklahoma City provides an Oilers related AHL update. Calgary and Toronto receive sound analysis. And some new people you know from around the interwebz also make an appearance on the Big Show with Fleet Commander Lowetide. Finally we replay an interview with Red Wings GM Ken Holland from earlier in the week.

This is NationRadio.

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You're Doing Fine! Oklahoma! OK!

November 13 2011 10:30AM

A picture is worth a thousand words. For instance, I'm fairly certain the Barons coaching staff would have had this defensive sequence drawn up a little differently, but stuff happens in the heat of battle. Checking the standings, OKC's Barons are flying to historic heights, but the boxcars look pedestrian.

What's that about? Who's the MVP? How are the prospects doing?

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An Evening With Jacques Demers

JP Nikota
November 12 2011 03:52PM

Because I teach literacy and basic skills with the Thames Valley District School Board, I was asked to attend Facing Off With Literacy, an evening headlined by guest speaker (and former Cup winner) Jacques Demers. Many of you probably remember that in 2005, Demers revealed to the world that he was functionally illiterate, that he was set to begin rectifying that situation, and also that he wanted to address literacy in a more public way. On Thursday night, he opened up to a room of nearly 450 people at the London Convention Center, and spoke passionately to raise support and finances for literacy programs. Leafs-Habs rivalry notwithstading, I have to say that it's a noble thing he's chosen to do.

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