We hate Keenan, Keenan hates Crosby

December 07 2007 02:18PM


Darren Dreger has a great blog about when Flames Coach Mike Keenan met Sidney Crosby in Calgary yesterday.

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Are the St Louis Blues for real this year?

December 07 2007 10:04AM


We almost choked over our triple Rye and Coke this morning when we opened up the Journal to read about the game against the Blues tonight.

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Pens Win! Crosby with 3 points! Canadian Media swoons! Terry Jones faints!

December 06 2007 09:08AM


Well it would seem that baby penguins CAN defend themselves after all.

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The OilersNation-patented 4-wins-in-a-row gun is locked and loaded

December 05 2007 12:00PM


It's gameday, lambs. That is, if the media can stop falling all over themselves to tell Sidney Crosby how great he is long enough to start the game.

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The Oil sneak another one past McGeough wannabes

December 04 2007 09:58PM


Is it just me, or does there seem to be a number of McGeough protégés reffing around the league waiting to try and steal a game away from the hard working Oilers?

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