Jason Gregor
November 10 2011 12:45PM

The Oilers are in the midst of something they've never done in their 32 year-history; play four consecutive road games against Original Six teams. I know, you are shocked and amazed, but it is true. It is a quirky stat, but in ten years from now when you sit back and recall the crazy 2011/2012 season I'm sure you'll remember it for those four consecutive road games v. Montreal, Boston, Detroit and Chicago.

The Oilers have played four OS in one trip before just never consecutively.

November 3rd to 13th of 1996, December 6th to 15th of 1999, November 4th to 13th of 2003, and in 1993 they played five of the six OS during a seven game trek between November 6th to 17th. They lost to Chi, Bos and Mont, tied Tor and beat Det.

What does it mean?

Nothing, other than I was interested to see if it had ever happened before.

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The Return of The Bulin Wall

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2011 11:22AM

One year ago, Nikolai Khabibulin was almost entirely written-off as an NHL goaltender. Now, nine starts into 2011-12, he is playing as well as he has at any point in his lengthy and successful NHL career.

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Can Teams Win By Taking Higher Quality Shots?

Jonathan Willis
November 09 2011 11:05PM

Shot quality is a hot-button issue among people who spend time trying to learn about the game of hockey through statistical analysis.

Intuitively, we all know that shot quality exists. A quick blast from center ice immediately prior to a line change is far less likely to score than a superstar taking a shot on a breakaway. The question, then, isn’t whether shot quality exists – we know it does – but whether teams can use it to help them win games.

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Passed Like A House On the Side of The Road

November 09 2011 06:14PM

This is a rare photo of Taylor Chorney in a St. Louis Blues uniform. He played in 2 games for the Blues before being placed on waivers. Chorney may end up with another NHL team via waiver. Will it be the Oilers? Is he a player of interest?

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Robin Brownlee
November 08 2011 10:00PM

If you believe finding ways to win instead of ways to lose is a sign of progress along the learning curve as opposed to a run of good luck or happenstance, the Edmonton Oilers are moving along rather nicely, thanks very much.

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