Predicting the Oilers' 2009/10 line-ups

Jason Gregor
September 21 2009 11:18AM


After five games in six days, the Oilers will get a bit of a break before they continue their pre-season on Wednesday against the Flames.

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GDB minus-4: Saskatchewan Love

September 20 2009 01:30PM


What could be less interesting than preseason hockey? How about preseason hockey against the Islanders? Still a bit too meaningful for your tastes? How about playing it in Saskatoon? Now you feeling the love for the game tonight? Totally.

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GDB minus-5: how to eat an orca whale

Jason Gregor
September 19 2009 12:15PM


Last night I dreamed Dioro Baird had a thing for a shaved head, big mouthed, farm boy from New Sarepta, but when I woke up the only thing spooning me was my pillow.

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GDB minus-6: Putting up the Wall

Jason Gregor
September 18 2009 11:34AM


Does anyone know what Bulk Barn is? If you’re wondering why I’m asking such a random question so early in the morning it’s because, the Oilers were supposed to be on the ice at nine, and as of this writing, I’m sitting here watching Khabibulin and goaltending coach Freddy Chabot do through the paces. Bulk Barn is one of the logos on the ice, and I have no idea what they are.

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The Edmonton Oilers End of Camp Roster

Jonathan Willis
September 17 2009 04:16PM

Looking at the current contracts and waiver eligibility of the group of players assembled at the Oilers’ training camp, I believe we can say with near certainty (barring a trade or injury) who will be playing with the team to start the season.

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