Sexytime Showdown Finale

February 12 2008 10:27PM


Well, lambs, there you have it. The hottest hookups, the rock-steady marriages—all broken down with top notch research.

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Mr. Sexy out for the year

February 12 2008 10:19PM


Would you believe it? Sheldon Souray is out for the year following surgery to repair his injured shoulder.

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See photo below...

February 12 2008 11:39AM


“There's nothing worse than the old honking airhorn going off in another team's building—and you're right next to the net," he said. "Then the pump-up song is going ... .” - Matt Greene in the Edmonton Journal, February 12, 2008

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Puckbunny Showdown Round 8: Mark Messier and Gary Coleman

February 11 2008 11:00PM


Mark Messier met Gary Coleman in a karaoke bar in Singapore in the early 1980s.

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Fact: people hate violence. We'll beat you mercilessly if you disagree

February 11 2008 01:15PM


When people say that fighting in hockey is what prevents the NHL from getting more popular, it makes us laugh so hard that our eyes water and urine runs freely down the front of our work slacks.

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