Do you see what I see? Edition VIII

Jason Gregor
April 27 2010 07:27AM

NHL Draft Lottery Drawing

The Summer of Steve is two weeks old and if the release and re-assignment of the head trainer and equipment managers can garner this much attention, then the rest of the summer will be monumental.

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Ken Hitchcock: What if?

Robin Brownlee
April 25 2010 06:50PM

Michigan News - April 17, 2009

After I talked to Ken Hitchcock the other day to confirm my suspicion that he'd have no interest in coming home to coach the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL, it dawned on me I'd missed the most obvious question -- what about the Edmonton Oilers?

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Steve Tambellini: Not Making Sense

Jonathan Willis
April 25 2010 11:08AM

<NHL Draft Lottery Drawing

Steve Tambellini's comments on the firing of three members of the Oilers' support staff don't make much sense to me.

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Return to glory: sticking it to the little guy

Robin Brownlee
April 23 2010 04:56PM

Ken Lowe sounded every bit the company man I expected he would when I talked to him today, even though, after 21 seasons with the Edmonton Oilers, he's no longer with the firm.

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Oilers Fire Trainers

Jonathan Willis
April 23 2010 11:51AM

Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs

The Edmonton Oilers have finally fired Lowe. No, not Kevin Lowe; his brother, trainer Ken Lowe, along with equipment men Barrie Stafford and Lyle “Sparky” Kulchisky. After decades of work with the team, all three are now unemployed.

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