The scoop from Jasper

Jason Gregor
October 08 2008 01:52PM

I am all for the Oilers practicing in Jasper, if it means I get a Jacuzzi in my room, complete with a bar, lounge area and a loft.

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The Development Myth

Jonathan Willis
October 08 2008 01:21PM

A common refrain among fans of all stripes, and probably in all sports for that matter, is the need to “play the kids”.

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Deep thoughts

Robin Brownlee
October 08 2008 07:01AM

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, maybe OilersNation is making some waves on the interweb.

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We spy with our little eye

October 07 2008 09:06AM

A Leaf cast off the Oil should pick up if he is still around. Two words. Mark Bell.

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Mike Gillis wins one

Jonathan Willis
October 06 2008 02:22PM

Two of the league’s more entertaining teams (in the front office, anyway) pulled off a trade with some interesting ramifications today.

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