Jason Gregor
November 04 2011 11:58AM

The advice in the proverb "Never look a gift horse in the mouth", is that when given a present, be grateful for your good fortune and don't look for more by examining it to assess its value.

Right now how many of you are wondering WTH is happening with your Oilers? A better question is how many of you aren't in total shock?

Answer: ZERO

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Robin Brownlee
November 04 2011 10:26AM

Ignoring the old axiom about "not letting the highs get too high or the lows get too low" seems part of the very DNA that makes up fans of the Edmonton Oilers.

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Lost In The Supermarket

November 03 2011 11:01PM

Tonight, the Oilers and the Barons are playing on the left coast. The current swing for the Barons might be the closest many of the minor leaguers get to Edmonton this season. The problem doesn't appear to be prospect development--there are some impressive starts in OK City--but rather good to great performances and terrific health at the major league level. For some of the Oklahoma City Barons, the time is now. And it isn't coming.

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Why Giving Pekka Rinne A Huge Contract Was A Bad Idea

Jonathan Willis
November 03 2011 02:30PM

The Nashville Predators made waves on Thursday by signing Pekka Rinne to a seven year, $49-million contract. It is the largest contract in the history of one of the NHL’s smallest markets, and it instantly establishes Rinne as the cornerstone for the team for most of the next decade.

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Jason Gregor
November 03 2011 01:20PM


Last year when Tom Renney spoke about his team the word he used the most was the "Process." We were never exactly sure where the process would take the Oilers, and what it entailed, but when I spoke to Renney about their six-game road trip that starts tonight in LA, he revealed one specific element of the process.

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