Oilers Top 10 Calder Candidates 11-12

September 19 2011 04:55PM

A year ago, the Edmonton Oilers had a trio of strong Calder candidates to start the season. In the end, none of them won the Calder trophy despite delivering solid debut seasons. This year, the Oilers don't have any strong candidates for the trophy.

Or do they? 

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Jason Gregor
September 19 2011 11:55AM

The two Ryans, Smyth and Nugent-Hopkins, have generated the most buzz through three days of training camp, but for different reasons. Fans love that the "Mullet" is back and they know what to expect from #94, but they are curious to see how the younger Ryan will fare against NHL players.

You will find out tomorrow, either in Saskatoon or Edmonton.

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September 19 2011 11:17AM

With the Joey Moss Cup in the history books, each passing day brings us closer to the start of the 2011-12 NHL season. As Oilers fans we are quickly filling with irrational levels of exuberance to the point that many of us actually believe the Oilers are overstocked with talent - particularly in the forward corps.

This golden period of annual late summer hope also gives us a chance to take pause and judge the many things that have gone right for the Oilers in the last while. Think things are dire coming off back to back 30th place finishes? What if we were all sitting around wondering if ol' Tom Vanek or Dan Heatley would get off their gargantuan wallets and snipe a few for the home team this year?


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Joey Moss Cup

September 18 2011 07:15AM


The Joey Moss is an annual rite of fall, a chance to watch the town team as a family and honor the organization's finest: Joey Moss.

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September 17 2011 06:28PM


You can tell that the new NHL season approacheth at full speed. The days are getting colder and wives of hockey fans everywhere are starting to eye the calendar nervously knowing that their attentive summer husband is about to be replaced with a distracted fall model who is glued to the TV and computer and regularly mistakes his children for one another.

Here at NationRadio the talk shifts from Oilers Prospects playing in a myriad of junior leagues and oilers prospects playing at the Rookie Camp.

Its NationRadio. Enjoy!

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