Jason Gregor
March 11 2011 01:29PM

The Oilers drafted Josef Beranek in the 4th round, 78th overall, in 1989. He made his debut in 1991 and after 84 games they traded him to Philly for Greg Hawgood. After the Flyers traded him to Vancouver, the Oilers re-acquired him in the summer of 1998 for Tony Hrkac and Bobby Dollas. He spent another year and half in Edmonton before the Oilers dealt him to Pittsburgh for German Titov. He played 513 NHL games, which is very good for a 4th round pick, but he seems to have jinked number 42.

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March 11 2011 12:59PM

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan today in the wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunamis that have hit during the past 24 hours. You can make a donation to the International Red Cross here. Living in Edmonton may bring -30 degrees for 11 months of the year, but you can all to often see how we are very lucky to live where we do.

And now the photoshop contest entries.

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March 10 2011 07:34PM

Sam Gagner's season is over. He joins Taylor Hall and Ales Hemsky on the sidelines in what has been a nightmare two weeks for the Oilers' skilled men.

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The Value Of An NHL Draft Pick

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2011 06:58PM



Late last month, Jason Gregor looked back at the NHL draft from 1996 to 2005, in an attempt to put a value on NHL draft picks. Gregor’s far from the first to do so; after the jump I’ll look at his work and that of others to see what we can say about the NHL Draft.

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Jason Gregor
March 10 2011 11:31AM

The Zdeno Chara hit has sent the country, okay, mainly a few politicians, an airline, an entire province and now the Police, into a frenzy. It was seven years ago this past Tuesday that Todd Bertuzzi jumped Steve Moore and the reaction wasn't close to the emotional outcry that we are witnessing right now.

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