ON exclusive: interview with creators of Ghost Ride the Whip

March 11 2009 01:47PM

Editor’s note: While Gregor and Brownlee interview Oilers, GMs and big names of the hockey world, Wanye is off in his own world again interviewing people that he holds in extremely high regard.

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Deep Thoughts VIII: the great race

Robin Brownlee
March 11 2009 12:40PM


Not since Bob Stauffer and I attempted to propel our fat asses over 40 yards in a foot race without taking the twister at Edmonton Eskimos training camp a few years ago has there been a sight as sorry as the Western Conference playoff race the Edmonton Oilers are involved in.

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News & Notes: The Game Last Night And More

Jonathan Willis
March 11 2009 09:47AM


My thoughts on last night’s game, and some news and notes from elsewhere.

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GDB 66: Contre les Habitants. Also: QTNA

Jason Gregor
March 10 2009 01:43PM


A game-day thread and QTNA all in one. Bless you, Nationeers. If you have Questions that Need Answers, email Jason Gregor and ask him!

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No Oil Country for Old Men

Robin Brownlee
March 10 2009 11:53AM


I love old guys because I am one. I appreciate old stuff because, well, there's something to be said for time-tested reliability and familiarity even when it's obvious there's newer, better junk around.

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