Sophomore slumps and threats of violence

August 05 2008 10:23AM

Derek Van Deist wisely penned a column this morning in the Sun basically inferring how screwed the Oilers would be if both Cogliano and Gagner had tandem sophomore slumps in the coming season.

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Research that sets us apart...

August 04 2008 10:14AM

In order to better understand the Man We Are Now Calling Tambo (apparently), I’ve gone out and done some critical research.

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Tambo, meet MacT

Jonathan Willis
August 02 2008 04:00PM

One of the three hundred or so questions buzzing through my head as I learned that Steve Tambellini was to become the new General Manager of the Oilers was what his relationship would be like with Craig MacTavish.

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Wanye Weighs In: The Tambellini-Lowe-Katz Saga

August 01 2008 09:55AM

As we mentioned earlier, we tried to find out what happened last night by calling people who should know.

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When the going gets tough...

August 01 2008 09:40AM

... the tough make nicknames.

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