Oilers Vs. Avalanche Postgame: Keeping Up With Carolina

Jonathan Willis
January 18 2010 10:19PM

Colorado Avalanche: 6

Edmonton Oilers: 0

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Looking out for number one

Robin Brownlee
January 18 2010 03:44PM

Back in 1970 when the Vancouver Canucks joined the NHL, it didn't really matter that they were destined to stink like rank limburger for seasons on end because fans like me were thrilled just to have a team.

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Is The Dive For Five Disloyal?

Jonathan Willis
January 18 2010 12:48PM

Anyone who has spent any time around Oilers Nation over the past few months know about the Dive For Five, The Fall For Hall, Don’t Win For Seguin, Foul For Fowler and the various other names used to express a desire for the Oilers to lost a lot and end up with a high-end draft pick.

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GDB XLVIII: Take 48!

January 18 2010 10:01AM

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, The Hockey News issued its annual predictions for the 2009-10 NHL season.  If you had asked us back then what the outcome would be against the Avalanche – slotted in at 14th in the West – we would have laughed heartily, then looked you dead in the eye and said “it’s a win. Book it.” Then we would have slapped you in the face for asking such stupid questions and afterwards taken your sister out for a steak dinner.

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Oilers vs. Sharks Postgame: Parity My Foot

Jonathan Willis
January 16 2010 05:39PM

San Jose Sharks: 4

Edmonton Oilers: 2

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