Will Nail Yakupov’s Reckless Style Lead To Injury In The NHL?

Jonathan Willis
April 20 2012 09:06AM

The Edmonton Oilers are familiar with the pros and cons of drafting a star all-ahead-full style winger with the first overall pick. A fear that Taylor Hall’s aggressive playing style could lead to injury was one of the primary negatives to choosing him first overall over Tyler Seguin at the 2010 Draft. Two years into his professional career, that talented winger has already suffered concussion and shoulder problems – the latter stemming all the way back to his time in junior.

Is the same concern valid for Nail Yakupov?

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From Russia, With Love?

April 19 2012 05:11PM

Anatoli Semenov is one of the few Russians drafted by the Edmonton Oilers who also had an NHL career of note. The Oilers have avoided the Motherland like the Moscow Plague and Riot of 1771. Are they really going to change their ways and grab the Russian Nail?

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Goaltending: There’s No Sure Thing, As Philadelphia/Pittsburgh Proves

Jonathan Willis
April 19 2012 09:44AM

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins entered their game against Philadelphia down three games to none. They weren’t about to fade quietly into the night, though; they scored 10 goals in one of the greatest offensive outbursts in recent memory.

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April 18 2012 05:16PM

As is so often the case a Coldplay concert has got us thinking about - wait for it - the Edmonton Oilers .

Go figure.

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Jason Gregor
April 18 2012 12:56PM

The AHL switched the first round of their playoffs from a best-of-seven to a best-of-five this year, but in the process they forced some higher seeds to make a very difficult decision. The OKC Barons will start their series, v. the #8 seed Houston Aeros, on the road, despite finishing first in the western conference. The Barons are one of five teams who faced this dilemma.

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