Nation Radio - February 26, 2011

March 08 2011 10:51AM

Gather round 1930s children. Your equally dated schoolmarm Mrs. Wanye von Gretz would like to demonstrate to you to the wonders of the modern radiola. Specifically, Episode III of NationRadio beckons you towards the rocks of unproductivity.

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Time for a new Lander?

March 07 2011 07:16PM

With the SEL season over for his TIMRA squad, savvy center Anton Lander has some decisions to make.

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March 07 2011 05:12PM

Has anyone taken a good look at the NHL standings of late? We can't imagine how this could happen but our beloved Oilers - a heretofore lock for first pick in the 2011 Entry Draft - have been bested in a game of worst by the Ottawa Senators.

If things don't change quickly, the Oilers could miss cout come June.

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Is Omark Worth Keeping?

Jonathan Willis
March 06 2011 07:41PM

According to, Linus Omark stands 5’10” tall and weighs 174 pounds. Through the first 35 games of his NHL career, he has scored a grand total of three goals and along the way has also chalked up a minus-11 rating. Those aren’t marks of a player bound for a long and happy career as a top-six forward at the NHL level.

However, despite those superficially disappointing numbers, I think the Oilers have themselves a player in Linus Omark.

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Large Plant Giant Talent

March 06 2011 09:34AM

There is much to learn about Adam Larsson.

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