The Injury Excuse

Jonathan Willis
April 10 2012 10:35AM

Injuries are part of hockey. Sometimes, teams suffer more injuries than the norm, or they suffer a series of unexpected injuries to vital players. Other times, they suffer fewer injuries than the norm, or their key players make it through a year virtually unscathed. Some of it has to do with personnel – there’s a reason certain teams consistently post decent totals in this regard – but there’s a big element of chance.

This year, the Oilers were not especially unlucky.

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Jason Gregor
April 10 2012 08:46AM

In October of 2010 the Oilers named Shawn Horcoff the 13th captain in Oilers history. Under his leadership the Oilers have finished 30th and 29th, and many fans want to blame the captain. Wearing the "C" is an honour, but it also heaps a lot of responsibility on the guy wearing it.

Blaming Horcoff for the Oilers woes is off-base. Does anyone honestly believe that if Jordan Eberle was wearing the "C" he would have scored 90 points instead of 76, or if Taylor Hall had it, he would have stayed healthy all year?

The Oilers are getting closer to changing their captain, maybe as early as the 2013/2014 season, but next year isn't the right time, but I think it is the right time to annoint one of the young players as a leader.

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Robin Brownlee
April 09 2012 07:08PM

His second NHL season ended early by injury and his arm in a sling, Taylor Hall sounded very much like the leader of the Edmonton Oilers he's become when I lobbed him a softball at Rexall Place today.

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Shawn Horcoff Puts On His G.M. Hat

Jonathan Willis
April 09 2012 03:51PM

The Oilers did their year-end interviews today, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff to wade through – I imagine both Robin Brownlee and Jason Gregor will have a bunch of material up based on them. There were bits and pieces to pick out of pretty much all the interviews, but I thought some of Shawn Horcoff’s thoughts deserved special attention because he takes a big-picture view that isn’t overly common for NHL players.

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April 09 2012 02:07PM

It’s too soon and the wounds are just too fresh to do a post mortem on the Oilers 2011-12 season just yet. But there is some unfinished business with regards to couple of certain someones in the running for a couple of certain NHL trophies.

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