Sneak peek...

Robin Brownlee
October 05 2008 02:04PM

Craig MacTavish has traditionally provided a sneak peek at his regular season line-up in the final game of pre-season

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Sophomore jinx more myth than truth

Jason Gregor
October 04 2008 10:32AM

How many goals can the Oilers realistically score? Last season they scored 220 good enough for 8th in the Western conference

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October 03 2008 09:56PM

Editors note: Wanye is in Banff working and hasn't had a beer all week. Now he sent us this 4 beers deep from some sports bar. He is watching the game and sending us text messages.

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Tonight's line-up...

October 03 2008 04:16PM

Gregor's on the air right now, but he asked me to post tonight's Oilers line-up.

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Nag, nag, nag

Robin Brownlee
October 03 2008 01:15PM

After suggesting Craig MacTavish had done a flip-flop on the value of employing an enforcer this week, I find myself doing likewise when it comes to how I think the 2008–09 season will unfold for the Oilers.

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