Those who can't do, report on it

The Towel Boy
October 29 2009 06:26PM

A couple weeks ago I was approached by Wanye. He did his usual naked flashing routine form of greeting and afterwards asked me if I could help out with the Nation. I first asked him to close his trench coat and then proceeded to inquire what exactly he had in mind.

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GDB XIII: Wings of change, perhaps

Jason Gregor
October 29 2009 12:18PM

It was a mixed bag at the morning skate today, as the Oilers try to end a three game losing streak against the under-performing Detroit Red Wings.

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Around the league - Oct 29 2009

Jason Gregor
October 29 2009 09:56AM

We near the end of the first month of the season, and there are many great story lines on the ice. The Avalanche are still cruising, Alexander Ovechkin is still scoring, Anze Kopitar and the Los Angeles Kings are making waves on the west coast, there is still a double-standard for suspensions, the defending champs look dominant, even though Crosby isn’t top-ten in scoring and now teams are starting to sniff around for possible trades.

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October 28 2009 01:23PM

Well our beloved Edmonton Oilers looked like a disease ridden whore last night, didn’t they? Merely watching the game gave us a mild case of the swine flu right through the TV we believe.

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Goose eggs dog the Mighty Oil

Jason Gregor
October 28 2009 01:14PM

The Oilers' offence is hurting more than the players in bed sick right now, after consecutive goose eggs against Vancouver and Colorado.

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