June 27 2011 12:48AM

Some problems on the Team 1260 end this week held up the file transfers to Nation Command this week. So gnash your teeth all you like, it isn't your ol' pal Wanye's fault that this didn't go live sooner. So here is what we have which includes the full podcast but there is no segment 7 for now.

Stay tuned for next week when Wanye makes a mistake preventing the NationRadio files from being uploaded sooner.

This is NationRadio.

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Welcome Home, Ryan Smyth!

June 26 2011 10:28AM

Ryan Smyth is an Edmonton Oiler. Details of the deal (Colin Fraser and a distant 7th rd pick in 2012) are unimportant, Ryan Smyth returns!

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Dropping the Klefbom

June 26 2011 07:39AM

Oscar Klefbom is a fine young defenseman with a bright future. The Edmonton Oilers didn't tip their hand as to how much they liked him, but we should have known he would be high on their list. Why? Read on.

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June 26 2011 12:02AM


-- Rocky (in the alternate version of the film, which is about Ryan Smyth coming home to Edmonton)

Good gravy. Can anything with the Oilers be straight forward anymore?

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Jason Gregor
June 25 2011 09:23PM

I woke up from a well-needed nap, and much to my chagrin, but not to my surprise,  the Ryan Smyth saga still lingered. I will say the Smyth spectacle has given me a new appreciation of how fanatical some Oiler fans are. I've received emails and tweets suggesting Tambellini be fired on the spot if he doesn't complete this trade, while others are asking for updates every 2nd hour, because they won't be able to rest until they crack the case.

It is great to hear, read and see the passion, and it is why I love my job, but for those who are frustrated, and bordering on being mad. - take a deep breath it will be okay.

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