Vintage Flame
January 05 2012 08:58AM


The other night undoubtedly registered a wide range of emotions amongst fans. From the shock at the Russian start; the anger of the Canadian’s undisciplined play; the dismay of a five goal deficit; the elation of a four goal comeback; the heartbreak of a one goal loss and finally to the agony that for the first time in eleven years, we will not be watching Canada play in the Gold medal game.

However, it’s not over just yet for the Canadian Juniors. They can still come out of the tournament with a medal. It may not be Gold, but there is something to be said about the fact that you have to lose the game to get the silver; you have to win the bronze. Canada can still end this tournament on their terms and walk away with their heads held high.

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So, You're An All-Star

January 04 2012 06:27PM

Phil Cornet was a depth draft selection in 2008, turned pro in 2010 and posted what can only be described as a "pedestrian" AHL rookie season at age 20. Today he's an AHL all-star and a candidate for future NHL employment, Why all the fuss? Goals.

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The Break Down

Jason Strudwick
January 04 2012 09:55AM

After my article "Robocop" was posted two weeks ago, Ken posted a comment. He made reference to Don Cherry and the old boys club of the NHL maybe wanting to bring back the two line pass rule.

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Klefbom the Charm

January 03 2012 10:01PM

Edmonton Oiler fans have to be pleased with the performances of their "blue" at the World Juniors. By eye ("saw him good!") and by numbers these kids are delivering.

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Robin Brownlee
January 03 2012 08:49PM

Was I the only one who was jolted by what Ales Hemsky was reported to have said by the Edmonton Oilers Twitter account after a 4-3 loss to the Buffalo Sabres?

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