Position of Strength, Position of Weakness

Jonathan Willis
March 01 2012 11:01AM

The Oilers have a wealth of young offensive talent in the NHL. They have a shortage of young, NHL-ready defensive talent. At some point, is the logical decision to send away one or two of the former to add one or two of the latter?

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March 01 2012 09:55AM

Welp, for better or for worse we have returned from our Asian Adventure back to Edmonton to begin 2012 two months late. It has definitely one of those cases of ‘good to be gone, better to be back’ and because we have basically used the Nation as a travel diary we thought we would cap it off with an article that summarizes the trip so we can remember it when we are old and senile.

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Jason Gregor
February 29 2012 01:27PM

The St. Louis Blues are the best defensive team in hockey. They've allowed 126 goals in 63 games, but in 2012 they've been ridiculously stingy. The Blues are 18-5-2 in their 25 games this calender year. In the seven losses/OT games they surrendered 20 goals, but in their 18 wins they allowed a mind-blowing 20 goals.

Seriously, 20 goals against in 18 games. They've allowed 40 goals in their last 25.

The Oilers allowed 40 in their last 12 and they went 6-5-1. The Blues aren't flashy, and they don't score many goals, 22nd in GF, but they win A LOT.

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Making A Decision On Linus Omark

Jonathan Willis
February 29 2012 12:25PM

The Oilers have now passed the trade deadline, are well out of the playoffs, and the final 20 games of the season (starting tonight) don’t really have a lot of meaning at the team level. They’re likely to get a high draft pick, but outside of that the games left are pretty much meaningless from a team perspective.

On the individual level, things are different. Aside from the guys definitely in the plans, and the guys definitely out of them, there are a range of players either hoping to return to the team or land an NHL job elsewhere. It’s a time that can be used to make decisions on a range of players. One of those players should be Linus Omark.

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February 29 2012 08:48AM

"Friend of the Nation Network - and two time Angler Cup Champion - Brian Sutherby has shared his thoughts about the Trade Deadline for the second time in less than a week. In this installment he takes a look at the difficulties of making a big move at the deadline and the impact new arrivals have on a dressing room this late in the season. He also calls a winner for this year's deadline day. - Wanye

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