A question that should be asked

October 01 2008 11:48AM

Now you wouldn’t guess it from reading what we write, the bridge under which we live or from our awesome sword collection, but your old pal Wanye isn’t actually a crazy vagrant.

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How many Flames will shudder at the name Guillaume Lefebvre after tonight?

Jonathan Willis
September 30 2008 03:40PM

As previously reported by OilersNation’s own Jason Gregor, the Edmonton Oilers have claimed Steve MacIntyre off waivers

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Don't mess with our players

Jason Gregor
September 30 2008 01:28PM

Are the Oilers finally going to have a play-four-minutes-a-night tough guy again?

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A dire warning and a hockey draft

September 30 2008 09:29AM

So we’re back from our weeklong “stay” in Calgary. We can’t say we enjoy going down there as often as we do

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The Edmonton Oilers and their record at the Draft: 2001

Jonathan Willis
September 29 2008 01:07PM

In the comment thread a couple of posts down, a few people took issue with Lowetide’s assertion that the Oilers procurement department has done a good job under Kevin Lowe.

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