Armchair GM II: A Smokin’ Deal

Robin Brownlee
March 03 2009 06:19PM


I wish I could say the smoking deal I discovered Monday night came by way of a phone tip from Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini, but that wouldn't be true, so I'm going to digress before getting back to what's happening, or isn't, with your favourite hockey team.

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GDB 63: Oilers vs Preds

Jason Gregor
March 03 2009 04:01PM


The only thing busier than the OilersNation as trade deadline approaches is me as I write a GDB while I do my show.  That damn Wanye, how can I do two things at once? Oh yeah, the the Oilers play the Predators tonight too.

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Waiver Wire Players (Updated)

Jonathan Willis
March 03 2009 11:25AM

Miro Satan

All sorts of players have hit the waiver wire this morning, including some high profile types.

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Trade Deadline Thoughts

March 03 2009 10:26AM


We have been sent a good many texts, twitters, emails, carrier pigeons and telegrams with different trade scenarios that people would like to see or believe are imminent.

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Tom Preissing on Waivers

Jonathan Willis
March 03 2009 08:43AM


Dean Lombardi has placed defenseman Tom Preissing on waivers (H/T to Puck Daddy).

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