Nation Network Hockey Pool: October 30th Edition

Jonathan Willis
October 30 2011 03:19PM

After many requests, we’ve finally sat down and updated the standings in the Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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October 30 2011 02:25PM

We have refrained from gushing too emotionally about the three initialed one so far in his NHL career. And there is a LOT to gush about as anyone with working eyes can attest. His talents can only be described as other-worldly, his passes surprise everyone except himself it seems and though he is skinnier than Kate Moss he has been able to navigate around the ice like a champ.

We must celebrate the Nuge with a Photoshop contest. It's a moral imperative.

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October 30 2011 01:32PM

Another week in the NHL season is now in the can and as expected Phil Kessel leads the league in points, Nikolai Khabilbulin has the lowest GAA among goalies and the Oilers are in first place in the West. No, you haven't accidentally stumbled through a worm hole into a parallel universe.

This is NationRadio.

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Pleasant Valley Sunday

October 30 2011 11:52AM

All appears to be calm and beautiful. The Oilers are performing beyond expectations, the Eskimos are fumbling their way to playing on the road in the playoffs and it's snowing somewhere else. What could possibly go wrong? 

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All The News That Fits

October 29 2011 09:24AM

A few weeks into the 2011-12 NHL season, there are some similarities emerging for the 2010 and 2011 entry drafts. In both seasons, the top 2 selections made the leap to the show, both drafts boast a defenseman who adjusted seamlessly to the show and then a later pick in the top 10 who made some teams look foolish for passing them over. It'll be years before we make the call, but how is this trending?

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