To Whom It May Concern

November 01 2011 07:01AM

There is a growing market for inexpensive forwards who can help move the needle offensively. Detroit, Carolina and possibly Boston, with the list growing daily. Throughout the NHL, the word is out: the goalies are ahead of the snipers and teams are looking for solutions. One of those possible solutions is available via Edmonton.

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October 31 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
October 31 2011 02:26AM



All Hallows Eve is here in all its glory, with children headed to the door this evening in search of treats their parents would never let them near any other night, and those same parents openly regretting the sugar rush they're about to bestow on said urchins. Of course, for those of you in between those ages, Hallowe'en is about other pursuits, and those are perfectly fine as well. As an aside, when did this copious skin baring business start in earnest? When I was in university in the early 80's, you'd only see someone in their knickers if you were dating them, and even then it was iffy ;-) I'm not complaining, mind, just attempting to fill the gaps in my knowledge base.

Anyhoo, let's get to it. In this aggregation of notes, the Leafs hit a roadblock in the nation's capital, the Oil are cruising for now, and Vancouver snaps out of their funk with a bang.

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Robin Brownlee
October 30 2011 05:08PM

Michael Myers refusing to buy the farm again and again in that seemingly endless series of Halloween slasher flicks has nothing on Nikolai Khabibulin and the Edmonton Oilers when it comes to scripts that are absolutely unbelievable.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: October 30th Edition

Jonathan Willis
October 30 2011 03:19PM

After many requests, we’ve finally sat down and updated the standings in the Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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October 30 2011 02:25PM

We have refrained from gushing too emotionally about the three initialed one so far in his NHL career. And there is a LOT to gush about as anyone with working eyes can attest. His talents can only be described as other-worldly, his passes surprise everyone except himself it seems and though he is skinnier than Kate Moss he has been able to navigate around the ice like a champ.

We must celebrate the Nuge with a Photoshop contest. It's a moral imperative.

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