Everyone’s favourite trade rumor signs a one year deal

July 29 2008 09:55AM

If we had a nickel for every time we had convinced ourselves Jay Bouwmeester was coming Chez Oil, we would be rolling around town in an SUV made of Ferraris welded together and coated in 24 carat gold.

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We need 20ccs of comeback - Stat!

Jonathan Willis
July 29 2008 09:18AM

Liam Reddox had a very interesting season. It’s interesting because in 2006-07, he did everything he possibly could to demolish his rating as a prospect.

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The Oilers Car: A day in pictures

July 27 2008 01:18PM

We told ourselves "selves; if there is an Oilers car at the Indy race, we are going to cheer for it." And cheer we did.

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Fill in the blank

July 27 2008 12:31PM

When we see Ethan Moreau listening intently to Rob Schremp at the Rexall Indy, we know that they are discussing __________________.

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Beating The Odds

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2008 12:16PM

I reference Gare Joyce’s book Future Greats and Heartbreaks in my last post, and I’m going to do it again here.

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