Outlook 2010

January 01 2010 09:39AM


As the year that was 2009 draws to a close back home, here we are sit in Australia after the first non white Christmas/NYE of our life, hung over and listening to Unkie Rod calling the Oilers-Flames game. Craig Conroy has literally just scored with 10 seconds left in the second period for the Flames to take a 1-0 lead. Canada is coming back against the United States in the WJC and Natalie Portman remains as beautiful as ever. Now seems as good a time as any to look ahead to 2010. (Ed note: Wanye couldn't figure out how to post this himself and we were busy living our lives in MST so there is a delay. Live with it.)

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Oilers vs. Flames Postgame: Undoing Last Night's Damage

Jonathan Willis
December 31 2009 11:02PM

Edmonton Oilers: 1

Calgary Flames: 2

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GDB XLI: Nowhere to go but forward

December 31 2009 02:24PM

You'll notice that the title of this post says "forward" rather than "up." There are places we can decend to from here, but after a slight spanking of the Maple Leafs last night, I say we nod knowingly at the notch in the win column and focus on what needs to be done tonight: ringing in the New Year after humiliating the Flames.

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Oilers vs. Leafs Postgame: Slump Busted

Jonathan Willis
December 30 2009 11:10PM

Edmonton Oilers: 3

Toronto Maple Leafs: 1

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GDB XL: Battle of the Dregs

December 30 2009 11:22AM

The last 24 hours have been sobering for citizens of the Nation. From Brownlee's indictment of Oilers' management to Willis heaping on the shame, things look grim. What looks even more grim are a few Oilers fans so readily leaping off the bandwagon, so let's get a few things straight, shall we?

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