Flu hits the Oil

Jason Gregor
October 21 2009 12:52PM

Yesterday the entire Oilers team got the day off, but today at practice many of them still were still MIA. Ken Lowe, Barry Stafford and crew are on high alert as they try to get some bodies healthy enough to play. They don't think this is H1N1, but they are being cautious.

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Faceoffs and Shawn Horcoff

Jonathan Willis
October 21 2009 11:11AM

After much hue and cry over the Oilers’ faceoff failures last season, the criticism of the team’s performance in that department has lessened. Of course, a 5-2-1 start lessens the criticism in every department, but the team has actually seen modest improvements, going from 47.9% last year to 49.4% this year.

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At random: eight games in

Robin Brownlee
October 20 2009 03:30PM

Now that we have reached the pivotal 1/10th mark of the NHL season, it's safe to make some assumptions and observations about this edition of the Edmonton Oilers, no?

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Oilers Vs. Canucks: Post-Game

Jonathan Willis
October 19 2009 09:51PM

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Vancouver Canucks: 1

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GDB VIII: Using Oil to drown an Orca

Jason Gregor
October 19 2009 01:10PM

It’s amazing what a few wins will do for a team. The mood at Rexall this morning was shockingly loose. Hell, even Brownlee was smiling, but I digress. The players seemed relaxed and having fun, but every player you spoke with insisted this team needs to be better.

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