February 08 2011 11:51AM

To further the announcement graciously made on our behalf by Lowetide, the OilersNation will be coming to a radio near you as soon as this Saturday. OOOO! The City grinds to a halt with excitement!

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Oiler Prospects Still Rolling

February 07 2011 05:09PM

This is Anton Lander. After returning to Sweden following the World Junior championships, Lander has stepped up his offense and might be the club's most complete prospect outside the NHL. How are the organization's top prospects doing so far in 2011? 

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Robin Brownlee
February 07 2011 02:15PM

The old saying is there's no cheering from the press box, but there's one hockey game that's exempt from that, and it starts at the Sherwood Park acreage of Dr. Brent Saik this Friday.

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Bring Back The Electric Norseman!

Jonathan Willis
February 07 2011 01:29PM

Once again, Patrick Thoresen wants to return to the NHL. He tried to land an NHL job last year and was unsuccessful after a spectacular KHL season, so this year he went out and had a more spectacular KHL season. This is a guy who deserves another crack at an NHL job.

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Jason Gregor
February 07 2011 12:49PM

The 1987 sci-fi action flick, Predator, had Arnold Schwarzenegger at his bad-ass best playing Dutch, the leader of a group of commados on a mission in Central America. They were so tough, we only knew them by first name. Dutch, Blain, Mac,  Dillon, Billy, Poncho and Hawkins tried to battle the ugliest, yet toughest, extra-terrestrial warrior know as The Predator. I vividly remember Mac (Bill Duke) finally losing his mind and going after the Predator only to get blown away in the bushes. He and Billy seemed fearless to me, and Dutch, well he was played by Arnie, there was no one tougher than him.

With great tough-guy actors like Jesse Venture (Blain) and Carl Weathers (Dillon) I recall thinking this Predator is one mean SOB, if he can kill all these guys. Except Dutch of course, Dutch was invincible.

When the Oilers face the Predators tonight, I don't see anyone with Dutch-like qualities, and it looks like "Mac" isn't even going to dress. It will be a long night.

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