September 20 2011 06:43PM

You can predict some of this Oilers season by what's being discussed in the media, and predict a lot more by what isn't making news.

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Jason Gregor
September 20 2011 12:25PM

For most of us anything related to the term "splits" means painful or impossible, or in the case of the above photo, freakish. However, tonight the Oilers will ice two split squads, one at home v. the Minnesota Wild and another in Saskatoon to face the Chicago Blackhawks, and Oiler fans couldn't be happier. It's been 163 days since the Oilers last played a hockey game, and tonight you get your first chance to see if a long-season has helped them improve.

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Beware of Preseason Heroes

Jonathan Willis
September 20 2011 09:42AM

With the preseason opening tonight for the Edmonton Oilers with a pair of split-squad games, it is worth noting that the tournament can give fans a misleading view of specific players.

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Robin Brownlee
September 19 2011 05:18PM

Found money can make your day -- that wrinkled $20 bill you find in a jacket pocket when the seasons change or in a sock drawer that you've forgotten all about.

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Oilers Top 10 Calder Candidates 11-12

September 19 2011 04:55PM

A year ago, the Edmonton Oilers had a trio of strong Calder candidates to start the season. In the end, none of them won the Calder trophy despite delivering solid debut seasons. This year, the Oilers don't have any strong candidates for the trophy.

Or do they? 

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