Jonathan Willis
July 22 2009 04:14PM


I’ve had a horrible feeling of déjà vu this summer while watching the Oilers chase after Dany Heatley. I’ve been banging the drum for a veteran third-line centre for a while, most notably here. But I seemed to remember making a similar post last year…

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Las Vegas gaming and starting to look to next season

July 21 2009 02:30PM

Now that we are approaching 45 hours since we stopped partying as though our life somehow depended on it, we can start to reset our brain-o-meter from “Vegas” to “reality.”

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Denis Grebeshkov Signs With Edmonton

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2009 01:20PM

According to TSN, it’s a one-year, 3.15 million dollar contract – a dollar figure in the same ballpark of what he likely would have received in arbitration.

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A look at last season's games

Jason Gregor
July 20 2009 11:46PM

The Oilers aren’t blessed with an abundance of proven scorers at this point, in fact as of today they don’t have one 30-goal scorer on the roster. If you don’t have true top-end talent then you need to play a more physical style to be successful.

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UFA Options: Third Line Centre

Jonathan Willis
July 20 2009 01:30PM

Three weeks into free agency, the casual fan could be forgiven for thinking that the list of available players is bereft of useful pieces. That isn’t the case, and for some roles – in particular the veteran third-line centre role the Oilers need to fill – there are still a bunch of players who might fit the bill.

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