Vinny ain't is not coming to Edmonton

Jason Gregor
January 26 2009 03:06PM

Oiler fans can stop wondering if Vinny Lecavalier is coming to town, because after conversations I had today he won’t be suiting up for the Oilers, or any other team, anytime soon.

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Have I got a deal for you...

Robin Brownlee
January 26 2009 11:09AM

It wasn't long ago that the rationale for handing out lucrative, long-term contracts to players like the pact the Edmonton Oilers signed Tom Gilbert to was: "It might seem like an overpayment now, but it will be a bargain two years from now."

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Happy Gretzmas!

January 26 2009 11:08AM

Every Nation has it's official Holidays -- and our boy Charlie and his crew in Lethbridge have the honour of coining the very first National Holiday in the OilersNation.


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Moose Jaw Diaries

January 26 2009 10:38AM

Where do you go when it's freezing in your hometown? Somewhere warm? Somewhere you can sit on a beach and have a margarita? To a knitting convention in Missouri? Well we went to Moose Jaw and we got our drink on.

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Hockey ain't Baseball, stats-lovers

Jason Gregor
January 24 2009 03:29PM

Sabremetrics and Moneyball have worked in baseball, but would the same work in hockey?

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