Jason Gregor
October 28 2011 12:58PM


Indeed this is unchartered territory for the Nation. Since this site debuted in the spring of 2007 you have mostly been witness to losing seasons, an endless parade of players to the infirmary, skilled players who weren't that skilled, a lack of size, questionable goaltending and you've sat through four seasons of losing hockey, yet your loyalty to the team and the Nation never waned.

You found solace and understanding here. You and your fellow Oiler fans could vent about inept powerplays, bad trades, brutal signings, donair-loving players and horrendous music at Rexall. You would flock to the Nation to feel comfort after another brutal loss, or through the painfully long off-seasons, but finally it looks like you might come here to actually celebrate.


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October 27 2011 11:06PM

Oh no they didn't!

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Jason Gregor
October 27 2011 12:21PM


 The Capitals are the best and most dangerous team in the league right now. They are a perfect 7-0, they are averaging almost a goal per game more than any other team with 30 goals in seven games, and they've only given up two goals a game, which is 6th lowest in the league. Their PP is clicking at a ridiculous rate of 29.6%, and the only area of their game that isn't excellent is their PK. They've given up four goals on 22 chances for a below-average 81.4%

The Caps haven't played since Saturday when they spanked Detroit 7-1. Going into that game the Wings were the only other undefeated team in the league, and the Caps crushed them. The Oilers will need to be at their best tonight to keep up, but their young trio has made an impression.

Caps head coach Bruce Boudreau was asked about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. "I think they should send him down before tonight's game," he laughed. It is clear the Caps are aware of him and his linemates, but they aren't worried yet.

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The Ticking Klefbom

October 26 2011 06:17PM

Oscar Klefbom was drafted in June and then forgotten about, lost in the flood of teenagers at rookie and training camp vying for attention from the club and Oilersnation. The trouble with these SEL kids is that it's hard to track them and then even more difficult to evaluate them based on miles and miles of zero's in all the scoring columns. Well, how IS Oscar Klefbom doing?

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Does Nikolai Khabibulin's Hot Start Mean He'll Be Good All Season?

Jonathan Willis
October 26 2011 04:17PM

Nikolai Khabibulin has had a superb start to the 2011-12 NHL season. After a year where he imploded badly, allowing Devan Dubnyk to steal the starting job later in the season, he appears to be back at the height of his powers.

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