Kevin Prendergast on Riley Nash: The Prevailing Wind Happens To Be From Cornell

Jonathan Willis
May 15 2009 01:33PM


On Wednesday, Lowetide ran a piece (Disconnect?) which took a look at Kevin Prendergast’s public comments on Oilers’ prospect Riley Nash.

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Ales Hemsky: Ten Game Segments

Jonathan Willis
May 14 2009 04:04PM


Every so often I’ll go to the Oilers’ official site and break down a player’s season into ten-game segments (what can I say, I have an exciting life). Generally, there’s a lot of variation from segment to segment – something which makes me skeptical about judging a player’s playoff performance, since even the best players will have lousy ten-game segments.

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Hard Times

Jason Gregor
May 13 2009 02:26PM


The Coyotes have won a court ruling that will force the NHL to prove they have an actual offer for Jerry Reinsdorf in place.  If they don’t, this could get really messy and open the door for other teams to follow suit. And if they don’t Mr. Bettman’s reputation will take a massive hit. While it isn't clear if the NHL will be able to produce this offer, it is becoming more clear that some of the members of the NHL Owners Club are in more trouble than many of us have been lead to believe.

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Crazy Trade Proposals: Penner for Malone

Jonathan Willis
May 13 2009 01:49PM

Ryan Malone’s a player I’ve liked for a while, although I was opposed to the Oilers chasing him last summer because I thought he would be overpaid, both in actual dollars and in term. Turns out that the Tampa Bay Lightning wanted to take a chance, and now Malone has six more years at a 4.5MM dollar cap hit.

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Robin Brownlee
May 13 2009 11:27AM

If two heads really are better than one, why does Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini have to settle on a single candidate to replace Craig MacTavish behind the bench?

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