Deep Thoughts XIV: Chicken Little is an Oilers fan

Robin Brownlee
October 26 2009 11:48AM

Here in the Heartland of Hockey, the line separating giddy elation from the depths of despair is thinner than a runway fashion model who considers Red Bull and cigarettes a balanced diet.

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On This Day Over The Past Three Years

Jonathan Willis
October 26 2009 11:42AM

It's early.  Still, teams that get off to strong starts can protect themselves against injuries and late season slumps, while teams getting off to weak starts can dig themselves a hole that's extremely difficult to climb out of.  Are there examples of teams leading the league or dwelling in the basement at this point turning their seasons around?  Let's look back over the past three years.

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What A Depressing Weekend: Vancouver Highlights, Random Stuff

Jonathan Willis
October 26 2009 12:50AM

Vancouver Canucks: 2

Edmonton Oilers: 0

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GDB XI: Clash on the coast

October 25 2009 02:33PM

I'm not one to dwell on the past. That would mean the revisiting of so many addictions that I'd most likely relapse. Like, into my World of Warcraft addiction. And no one here wants that. Who would update OilersNation?

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GDB X: Another provincial civil war

October 24 2009 04:55PM

Watching the Oilers come back from a 4-1 deficit last game against the Blue Jackets was really something. Like Gregor and Brownlee alluded to yesterday, it's been pretty unreal watching PDP blow fans, hangers-on and bandwagon-jumpers away. Even Hemsky came alive!

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