Oilers vs. Leafs Postgame: Slump Busted

Jonathan Willis
December 30 2009 11:10PM

Edmonton Oilers: 3

Toronto Maple Leafs: 1

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GDB XL: Battle of the Dregs

December 30 2009 11:22AM

The last 24 hours have been sobering for citizens of the Nation. From Brownlee's indictment of Oilers' management to Willis heaping on the shame, things look grim. What looks even more grim are a few Oilers fans so readily leaping off the bandwagon, so let's get a few things straight, shall we?

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If You Weren’t Feeling Bad Enough…

Jonathan Willis
December 29 2009 04:52PM

One of the few North American professional teams performing worse than the Edmonton Oilers right now are the Springfield Falcons, Edmonton’s AHL affiliate. Mired in a 15-game losing streak, they’re only two games away from going winless in December.

For folks looking for a positive take, skip to the end.

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Time for a change: let the do-over begin

Robin Brownlee
December 29 2009 11:38AM

I'll admit to being stubborn when it comes to changing my mind on stances I've taken, like the need to tear down the Edmonton Oilers roster and start over with a full-scale rebuild, but the abomination that is the Oilers seven-game losing streak has made a believer out of me.

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Oilers vs. Flames Postgame: Slowly Pulling Away From 28th In The NHL

Jonathan Willis
December 28 2009 10:57PM

Calgary Flames: 4

Edmonton Oilers: 1

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