Crazy Trade Proposals: Penner for Malone

Jonathan Willis
May 13 2009 01:49PM

Ryan Malone’s a player I’ve liked for a while, although I was opposed to the Oilers chasing him last summer because I thought he would be overpaid, both in actual dollars and in term. Turns out that the Tampa Bay Lightning wanted to take a chance, and now Malone has six more years at a 4.5MM dollar cap hit.

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Robin Brownlee
May 13 2009 11:27AM

If two heads really are better than one, why does Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini have to settle on a single candidate to replace Craig MacTavish behind the bench?

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Disagreeing with Greg Wyshynski

Jonathan Willis
May 13 2009 08:46AM

But this Ducks/Wings fight shows us the difference between sending a message and "message sending." This was a nasty but emotionally organic bit of olde tyme hockey; none of the players on the ice were knuckle-dragging goons looking for a target at the end of the blowout…. The NHL's disciplinary system would become a parody of the joke it is if any of these players are suspended for Game 7.

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World Championships Reaction: Prendergast and Omark

Jonathan Willis
May 12 2009 01:29PM


Linus Omark’s performance at the 2009 IIHL World Championships turned some heads – including among the Oilers brass. Kevin Prendergast was asked about him in today’s edition of the Edmonton Sun.

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A Quick And Dirty Look at the Value of a Goal, Or Alternately: Luck Matters

Jonathan Willis
May 11 2009 07:53PM

Bowman and Babcock

Scotty Bowman said something more than thirty years ago that occasionally seems to be at odds with conventional wisdom, but meshes well – even obviously – with reality.

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