Tambellini has his say... and, YES, Oilers pick first!!!

Robin Brownlee
April 13 2010 04:54PM

After taking two days to contemplate Sheldon Souray's public trade request and what can only be characterized as a scathing indictment of Edmonton Oilers management, GM Steve Tambellini had his say this afternoon.

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April 13 2010 02:07AM

We were in the midst of peppering Gregor and Brownlee's articles with commentary about Sheldon Souray demanding a trade when we remembered that we could actually write an article of our own and force everyone to listen to our opinion too. We gave 'er a day to calm down, but calm down we have NOT.

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Robin Brownlee
April 12 2010 01:52PM

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

Sheldon Souray wants a trade? There's a news bulletin. We never saw that one coming. My question, and it's purely rhetorical, is this: does Souray think he's helped his cause by putting words to what people close to the Edmonton Oilers have long suspected?

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Big Sexy's big interview

Jason Gregor
April 12 2010 09:40AM

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

Take a deep breath Oilersnation... relax, inhale and look at how the Sheldon Souray trade request will impact the team. Souray told Mark Spector he wants out, and you shouldn’t be shocked by Souray’s request.

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Oilers Vs. Ducks Highlights: Sweet Release

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2010 12:40AM

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Anaheim Ducks: 7

Thank goodness it's over.

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