Horcoff signs extension

July 16 2008 04:34PM

**UPDATE. It is being reported on the Team 1260 that Shawn Horcoff has signed a six-year extension with the Mighty Oil.

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Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

July 16 2008 11:17AM

Dear Everybody,

We have been running this site for nearly nine months now.

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Stortini to roughhouse for the Oilers for three more years

July 15 2008 02:40PM

Thanks to sleuth commenter "sean," who pays far more attention to the Oilers spinsite than we do, we've discovered that the Oil have just signed Zack "Whoyoulookinat" Stortini

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'Worst. OTR. Ever.' or 'Ray Emery: confirmed douche'

July 15 2008 09:49AM

OK, we admit we normally don’t watch Off The Record with Michael Landsberg.

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Let’s file this under 'F' for 'ucked up'

July 14 2008 09:14AM

Ok, stop us if you have heard this one.

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