11-12 Questions for 11-12 (Part 3)

July 22 2011 01:44PM

Since April, many of the pressing issues involving the Oilers have been put to bed. Are the answers close to what we expected?

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Robin Brownlee
July 21 2011 11:32PM

I have no hockey words tonight.

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July 21 2011 06:16PM

A buddy text messaged us last night with a link to the video above. "Whenever you talk about running the Nations as a business we can't help but laugh knowing that you are a moron. We couldn't picture what it would be like until we saw this video of Kenny Powers running K-Swiss. Is this what things are like at Nation HQ?"

(Note that there are swear words in the video, KP doesn't mess around. It is also hilarious.)

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Jason Gregor
July 21 2011 12:35PM

I was intrigued, curious and disappointed after watching, reading and listening to a few things Oilers related this week. Tom Renney had an interesting take on Ryan Nugent-Hopkings, the Gagner camp's had an epic battle and a conclusion to the arena financing might take even longer to sort out.

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Omark: “I Am Really Glad They Sent Me Down”

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2011 08:30AM

Linus Omark’s at an interesting place in his career, and Oilers’ fans seem to have widely varying opinions of him. Some feel he could potentially be an offensive difference maker a the NHL level (I’m in that group), while others see him as a flashy but deeply flawed player crowded out by other options in the system.

Regardless, fans will be interested in an interview he gave to Norbottens’ Kurinen, translated by Yngve Elverhøi, and presented by Lisa McRitchie of the Copper and Blue.

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