Faceoffs and Shawn Horcoff

Jonathan Willis
October 21 2009 11:11AM

After much hue and cry over the Oilers’ faceoff failures last season, the criticism of the team’s performance in that department has lessened. Of course, a 5-2-1 start lessens the criticism in every department, but the team has actually seen modest improvements, going from 47.9% last year to 49.4% this year.

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At random: eight games in

Robin Brownlee
October 20 2009 03:30PM

Now that we have reached the pivotal 1/10th mark of the NHL season, it's safe to make some assumptions and observations about this edition of the Edmonton Oilers, no?

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Oilers Vs. Canucks: Post-Game

Jonathan Willis
October 19 2009 09:51PM

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Vancouver Canucks: 1

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GDB VIII: Using Oil to drown an Orca

Jason Gregor
October 19 2009 01:10PM

It’s amazing what a few wins will do for a team. The mood at Rexall this morning was shockingly loose. Hell, even Brownlee was smiling, but I digress. The players seemed relaxed and having fun, but every player you spoke with insisted this team needs to be better.

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Are You There Death? It's Me, Amber

Amber McCormick
October 18 2009 01:53PM

"I swear if Dustin Penner gets a hat trick I’ll slit my wrists." - Amber McCormick

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