Gilbert will, Gilbert will rock you

Jason Gregor
September 17 2008 07:16AM

When your salary increases from $900,000 to an average of $4 million a season, one would think you might be worried about the extra pressure, but not Tom Gilbert.

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I agree there's a problem, but I'm not crazy about the solution

Jonathan Willis
September 16 2008 11:31AM

A couple of days ago, I wrote about what I felt was the most glaring hole in the Oilers’ lineup—the third line centre position.

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Goalies: [Literally] moving targets

Jonathan Willis
September 16 2008 10:40AM

Of all the various prospects drafted and developed by the thirty NHL teams, I personally think that goaltenders are the most difficult to predict.

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Gretzky will not manage Team Canada in 2010

September 16 2008 10:19AM

You know that buddy we all have who’s a super good guy but has the absolute worst girlfriend of all time?

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Live from Clare Drake arena...

Jason Gregor
September 15 2008 09:26PM

After a rather boring game last night in Camrose, the Oiler rookies will tangle with the U of A Golden Bears tonight, and historically this game has been fast-paced and hard-hitting.

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