I agree there's a problem, but I'm not crazy about the solution

Jonathan Willis
September 16 2008 11:31AM

A couple of days ago, I wrote about what I felt was the most glaring hole in the Oilers’ lineup—the third line centre position.

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Goalies: [Literally] moving targets

Jonathan Willis
September 16 2008 10:40AM

Of all the various prospects drafted and developed by the thirty NHL teams, I personally think that goaltenders are the most difficult to predict.

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Gretzky will not manage Team Canada in 2010

September 16 2008 10:19AM

You know that buddy we all have who’s a super good guy but has the absolute worst girlfriend of all time?

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Live from Clare Drake arena...

Jason Gregor
September 15 2008 09:26PM

After a rather boring game last night in Camrose, the Oiler rookies will tangle with the U of A Golden Bears tonight, and historically this game has been fast-paced and hard-hitting.

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Veterans in danger of losing their jobs

Jonathan Willis
September 15 2008 04:34PM

Training camp is an exciting time for fans. With the exception of the entry draft and the first couple of days of free agency, there isn’t much in the summer

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