Oilers Trade Garon to Pittsburgh

Jonathan Willis
January 17 2009 01:55PM

Well, we’ve seen the first real trade of the Steve Tambellini era.

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Random stuff: KHL goaltenders

Jonathan Willis
January 17 2009 06:00AM

So I’ll admit off the top that this post has almost nothing to do with the Edmonton Oilers specifically, beyond the fact that it could count as beating the dead “Garon has no trade value at all” horse. It is hockey-related though, and features Ray Emery!

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GDB 44: Party Time

January 16 2009 08:50AM

Oh we hate Fridays.

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Something's wrong in Springfield

Jonathan Willis
January 16 2009 08:49AM

So, as I generally do when I miss a game, I watched the highlights this morning and read through the game-day threads here at OilersNation and over at Lowetide.

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Fighting: it's part of the game

Jason Gregor
January 16 2009 07:00AM

As the Nation woke this morning, many of you were still smarting from the 5-1 loss in Minny.

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