Robin Brownlee
February 04 2011 03:04PM

With Steve MacIntyre back in the Edmonton Oilers line-up against the St. Louis Blues tonight, I'd be willing to wager that somebody is going to get punched in the mouth. Repeatedly, perhaps.

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Jason Gregor
February 04 2011 11:37AM

If you are firmly behind the rebuild, I'm sure you did a fist pump when you woke up this morning, looked at the standings, and realized the Oilers are officially in 30th place. Exciting Last Place Hockey has been Wanye's mantra all season long, and at least for a day it is legit. The New Jersey Devils picked up 12 more points than the Oilers in the past ten games, and are on their way up the standings, while the Oilers have fans thinking of "slogans" for the final 32 games.

"We'll go through hell to get A.L."

"Ride the powerplay all the way to Couturier."

"I'll chug preparation H to pick R.N.H."

"Play Khabby and we'll draft Gabby."

**If you use any of these groaners, the NATION and I want credit.**

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Scoring Chances Through 50: The Forwards

Jonathan Willis
February 04 2011 07:17AM

Last night, we considered the scoring chance plus/minus for every defenceman on the Edmonton Oilers. This morning, it’s time to look at the forwards.

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Scoring Chances Through 50: The Defence

Jonathan Willis
February 03 2011 08:07PM

For the second season in a row, Oilers blogger Dennis has taken on the mammoth task of charting scoring chances in every single Oilers game, and posting the data at Earlier today, he posted the results for two missed games from earlier in the year, and now we have a complete set of scoring chance statistics for the Oilers.

Let’s start by looking at the defence.

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Radio Radio

February 03 2011 05:00PM

Good afternoon, Oilers Nation. We have a very special announcement.

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