ST's Summer: Pass or Fail?

July 28 2011 03:43PM

When it comes to the relationship between an Edmonton Oilers GM and the fanbase, it can be a rocky road. What's that old song? Thin line between love and hate? What if we took all the anger, fury and confusion out of the conversation and looked at each transaction in a detached fashion? What would it look like?

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Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and the Comparables

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2011 08:00PM

Comparing players is, at best, an inexact science. To find comparables for a player like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is exceedingly difficult – not only is he a unique enough talent to go first overall in the NHL Draft, but our access to data is limited. For a statistical comparison, essentially we’re relying on two years’ worth of games played, goals, assists and total points.

In other words, the following exercise – where I identify draft picks with similar numbers to Nugent-Hopkins – is a flawed one. All it does is give us a snapshot of players with similar offensive production at the same point in their career as Nugent-Hopkins, without consideration for style, intangibles, team strength, defensive play, or any of the rest of it.

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What to Expect from Nugent-Hopkins

July 27 2011 06:58PM

The Edmonton Oilers keep walking away with the most attractive items at the draft--at least among draft eligibles.

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Robin Brownlee
July 26 2011 04:42PM

According to a report on TSN's website, Edmonton Oilers goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin is abandoning the appeal of an extreme DUI and speeding conviction and will begin serving his sentence.

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July 26 2011 12:37PM

What in the sweet holy hell? No articles in over 40 hours? What is this a hockey website during the middle of the offseason?

No, no, no. This simply won't do at all.

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