Calling all bandwagon-jumpers...

January 22 2009 10:31AM

We have had four messages from buddies/readers that basically say, “WHOA, you can actually see the bandwagon start to fill up on the Nation right now can’t you?

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In it together

Robin Brownlee
January 21 2009 12:07PM

They're in it together now. If for no other reason than that, I like the Edmonton Oilers’ chances of making the playoffs a lot more today than I did when this season began.

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Compare and contrast (because I can’t leave well enough alone)

Jonathan Willis
January 21 2009 12:06PM

Let’s consider two players’ even-strength statistics together and separately. The two players are Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis.

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The return of ghost riding and hope

January 21 2009 09:15AM

Screw "Private Eyes." Long-time Citizens of the Nation know that there is only one way to celebrate BIG milestones. By ghost riding the whip.

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Hemsky dominated tonight's game

Jason Gregor
January 20 2009 10:47PM

It might be permanently, or it might only be for the weekend. Either way Liam Reddox walked out of Rexall Place tonight carrying his hockey bag, so he will going to Springfield to try and help the Falcons win some games.

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