Jason Gregor
September 15 2011 11:18AM

This is the type of promotional video the Oilers should have. That is former NHLer Pasi Nurminen, who once fought Ty Conklin, driving the Zamponi.  I love that they call it a Zamponi. 

My Finnish buddy and NHL correspondent for Helsingin Sanomat, Jouni Niemimen, translated what Pasi was yelling. "THAT (The Zamboni) BARELY MOVED! DO I HAVE TO DO THIS MYSELF TOO?!" 

Gold, Jerry, Gold.

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September 15 2011 11:17AM

Is this really how the arena talks are going? Now some tiny minds on City Council and the long ignored factions in the Edmonton Media are upset that Katz bought a condominium in Vancouver? Good heavens.

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Mr. Mojo Risin'

September 15 2011 07:30AM

Wouldn't it be great if NHL phenom's names formed anagrams that spelled "future Gretzky" or "lock for a Hart" or something that gave us a clue about their future? Well, they don't, and the fact is that all kinds of things can get in their way. An organization building for a better tomorrow is well advised to procure talent in large bunches. For the Edmonton Oilers--under the leadership of Stu MacGregor--mission accomplished.

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Jason Gregor
September 14 2011 04:24PM

The Oilers and Flames will wrap up their young stars tournament tonight, and for the second straight year the Oilers won't be playing their first overall pick against the Flames. Last year, Hall didn't face Flames and tonight Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will sit in the stands, and many people who cover the Flames think it's a "cheap" move.

The Oilers choose when Nugent-Hopkins plays, but I don't think it is  coincidence that the first overall pick won't be facing the Flames. It's just a small little dig at their provincial rivals.

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Jason Gregor
September 14 2011 01:16AM


Two nights after showing the Vancouver Canucks their offensive firepower, the Oilers elected to show they have the best goaltending in the tournament as well. Tyler Bunz faced 24 shots, including numerous excellent scoring chances, and stopped all of them enroute to a 2-0 shutout.. 

The Oilers weren`t able to generate many quality chances despite outshooting the Jets 27-24, but after a weak point shot from Ryan Lowery - that Jets` netminder John Corrazzi should have stopped - made it 2-0 it became the Bunz show.

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