The toughest division

Jean Lefebvre
July 24 2009 11:03AM


Earlier this week, in the course of discussing a different topic, the conversation drifted to the relative mediocrity of the Northwest Division. It wasn’t so long ago that the Northwest was being touted as the best in the National Hockey League, and if that claim was debatable then, it would be preposterous now.

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Building A Tandem

Jonathan Willis
July 23 2009 01:10PM


Garth Snow’s rather surprising signing of Martin Biron drew a wide variety of opinion yesterday, with the consensus opinion being that Rick DiPietro is still a long way from being ready to play again.

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Jonathan Willis
July 22 2009 04:14PM


I’ve had a horrible feeling of déjà vu this summer while watching the Oilers chase after Dany Heatley. I’ve been banging the drum for a veteran third-line centre for a while, most notably here. But I seemed to remember making a similar post last year…

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Las Vegas gaming and starting to look to next season

July 21 2009 02:30PM

Now that we are approaching 45 hours since we stopped partying as though our life somehow depended on it, we can start to reset our brain-o-meter from “Vegas” to “reality.”

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Denis Grebeshkov Signs With Edmonton

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2009 01:20PM

According to TSN, it’s a one-year, 3.15 million dollar contract – a dollar figure in the same ballpark of what he likely would have received in arbitration.

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