Jason Gregor
February 15 2012 12:06PM

Usually opposing fans loathe successful franchises. Many outside of Edmonton couldn't stand the Oilers after they won a few Cups. They were considered cocky, arrogant and influenced the league to invoke the mythical "can't hit Gretzky" rule. The Habs were/are dispised because they've won more Cups than any other franchise, of course they've only won two since the league expanded to 21+teams, but most still can't stand them.

The Leafs haven't won, or even been in a final, in 44 years and they look like a good bet to extend that to 45 years this spring. The Leafs have lost four straight and even though they are 6-8-1 in their last 15 games, they've allowed the New York Islanders to make up 7 points in that stretch and suddenly the Islanders are within 6 points of the 8th place Leafs with a game in hand.

The Oilers are out of the playoff hunt way too early again, but a win tonight would allow their fans the enjoyment of watching the Leafs choke their way out of a playoff spot.

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Who's Next?

February 14 2012 07:47PM

I'm not going to enjoy waving goodbye to the Pardubice Prince, but as a member of the Oiler fanbase since 1972 it's a movie that has played Edmonton before. The question then becomes: who's next?

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Robin Brownlee
February 14 2012 06:09PM

I'm not sure what Steve Tambellini's plan to rebuild the Edmonton Oilers involves exactly, aside from making lottery picks at the NHL Entry Draft year after year, but he reiterated again today that he's sticking with it. Whatever that, ahem, is.

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February 14 2012 12:39AM

After trekking about Thailand with our fellow Contiki travelers, it was time to leave the relative Land of Westernization behind and head into the truly wild.

If you had told us one day we would be taking a riverboat through Laos and then strutting about in Cambodia we would have punched you straight in your face.

Because that is how we were raised to deal with liars. Swiftly and decisively.

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Could Jack Johnson Be A Fit For The Oilers?

Jonathan Willis
February 13 2012 10:37PM

TSN Insider Darren Dreger, asked to name a wild-card who could be dealt at the trade deadline earlier tonight:

“I’m going with Jack Johnson. You want a wild card name, there’s a wild card name for you, from the Los Angeles Kings. Dean Lombardi’s going to love me for that. The only way Johnson is in play though, obviously is if they get that top-six guy, somebody that’s going to push them over the edge.”

Could the Oilers put together a package for Johnson?

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