Jason Strudwick
December 23 2011 04:47PM

Last week as I was hanging up my shoulder pads my partner, Kurt Davis, asked me how long I had been wearing them and why I even bothered. He commented on there hardly being any protection on the chest or back and how the shoulder caps are very small.

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All Festivus Eve

December 22 2011 09:47PM

Last Festivus I was grumbling about the PK and faceoffs, plus the Katz group and their sabre rattling. With those problems solved, all is well in OilersNation, right? You know, you'd think so.

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Jason Gregor
December 22 2011 12:03PM

The GDB will go from bottom to top today.

It is the final day of "Helping Others" on my show, and so far we have raised $44,350 for various charities that really need our help. It has been an awesome 14 shows and we are hoping to get close to $50,000 today.

I'm not sure we saved the best for last, in fact I'm certain we didn't, but we might have saved the most fun for last. Today's package will allow six of you the opportunity to ask Jason Strudwick why he couldn't hit the high notes at 1:55 of this epic video, and if Marc Staal said more than 15 words during the shooting of the video.

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Robin Brownlee
December 21 2011 01:12PM

Every now and then a story comes along that serves to remind us there's more to life and living it than winning or losing hockey games. Brent Peterson's courageous battle against the devastating ravages of Parkinson's disease is one of those stories.

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Jason Gregor
December 21 2011 12:38PM

The Oilers drafted Anton Lander 40th overall in 2009, and he spent the next two season playing for Timra in the SEL before making his NHL debut this past October. Lander has played 29 games and during the 10:43 TOI/game he's tallied one goal (shorthanded) and three points, is -2 and is 40.9% in the dot.

Not bad numbers, but if the Oilers are serious about the future they need to make a decision quickly regarding what is best for his development.

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