Upon further review: Huggy and JDD

Robin Brownlee
December 10 2009 10:25AM

Hands up everybody who didn't make fun of or dismiss Zack Stortini at some point during his first three seasons with the Edmonton Oilers as he grabbed hold of the 23rd roster spot on the team with those scabbed up-meat hooks of his and hung on for dear life.

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Dustin Penner: 10-Game Segments

Jonathan Willis
December 10 2009 10:11AM

Dustin Penner has been a bit of a golden boy around these parts all season long, thanks to improved results this year. Now, he’s being mentioned seriously as an Olympic candidate, and viewed as the offensive difference maker. That talk is premature.

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First Star, Worst Star: Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter Edition

December 09 2009 10:17PM

So, I, umm, kind of dropped the ball last week, and I'm sure every single one of you noticed there was no First Star, Worst Star last week. I'm so sorry, and I have no idea how you made it through the week, but I'm glad you guys found the strength to carry on. I think it was worth it though, as this is probably the greatest thing anyone has ever written. And this is coming from someone who hates everything I write!

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Oilers vs. Lightning Postgame: “Fourth” Line My Eye

Jonathan Willis
December 09 2009 09:10PM

Edmonton Oilers: 3

Tampa Bay Lightning: 2

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GDB XXXI: Striking the Lightning

Jason Gregor
December 09 2009 11:56AM

Tonight the Oilers will try to do something they haven’t done since November of 1988; win four straight games on the road in the same trip. That year they beat Pittsburgh 7-3 on Nov 8th, won 3-2 in OT the next night in New Jersey, crushed Toronto 6-2 on Nov 12th and then squeaked by Buffalo 5-4 in OT on the 13th.

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