And the Lord said to him: "Man Up." And he Did

March 04 2011 07:24AM

Taylor Hall has taken more than his share of abuse this season. The young phenom has a vast array of skills, and  one of them is pissing off the opposition with a motor that won't quit and a compete level that's off the scale. Last night, Hall took one too many late hits and reacted. The boy became a man.

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Jason Gregor
March 03 2011 11:41PM

I just spoke with a source who said, nothing broken, but Hall is likely out for a few weeks at least. Severe sprain, possibly the dreaded high ankle sprain, if so, a return this year is doubtful.

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March 03 2011 02:24PM

Amidst reading about how Charlie Sheen has passed four consecutive drug tests, we happened to stroll over to today. And lo and behold if they aren't having a laugh a minute down there over a photoshop contest that Kent Wilson put together.

"Anything Calgary can do Edmonton can do better" we screamed aloud and ran from the room at top speed.

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Jason Gregor
March 03 2011 12:46PM

Normally the dog days of the season appear in January, but when it is minus 812 outside, and the only thing more frequent than snow in Edmonton this year is listening to people rant and rave about Charlie Sheen, so you better get ready for another stretch of days-that-will-test-your-loyalty-to-the-Oilers.

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Nation Radio - February 19, 2011

March 03 2011 11:38AM

We have had some pretty positive reviews of NationRadio to date. Many folks are shocked at how awesome Lowetide sounds on the old radiola and others still are shocked that NationHQ was able to stitch this baby together.

Well prepare to have your collective pants blown off by Episode II.

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