Dubnyk, Reimer or Schneider Part II

Thomas Drance
September 07 2011 12:25PM

Devan Dubnyk has the raw skills to be great. He comes in second on our rankings.
Image courtesy Brendan Hoare.

Earlier this summer, I asked independent goalie scout and hockey writer Justin Goldman (AKA The Goalie Guild) for his take on who was likely to have the best career among James Reimer, Devan Dubnyk and Cory Schneider. He told me he liked all of them, but that at gunpoint he’d go with Cory Schneider. As a Canucks fan I was happy to hear that, but I was unsatisfied by the 140 character limit answer – I needed to know why. So I e-mailed him, and asked if he’d be interested in discussing the matter further with me. What follows is the elaborate answer I was looking for. In part I of the series, we profiled James Reimer over at LeafsNation, today: Devan Dubnyk.

 Devan Dubnyk; what does he do well? What does he need to work on?

What I like most about Dubnyk is his raw skill, in terms of his ability to read, react, and use his size to his advantage. Maybe three of four years ago, when we'd talk about a big goalie, “Using his size to his advantage” we’d expect that goalie to play higher up in his crease to make himself even bigger. But over the past few years, the way a big goalie plays has changed. Now they’re sitting back in their crease and allowing their size to be relied upon even more.

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Jason Gregor
September 07 2011 09:43AM


After a few weeks holiday and an excellent trip to New York, it is nice to be back so close to the start of another NHL season. September is a great month for sports fans, the NFL kicks off, the CFL is into the home stretch, MLB nears the playoffs and most importantly hockey is back. 

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Robin Brownlee
September 07 2011 07:50AM

With the NHL still coping with the deaths of players Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak, the hockey world is reeling with today's tragic news out of Russia about the crash of Jaroslavl Lokomotiv's team flight shortly after take-off. Here's the story, starting with the original report by the Associated Press, as it has unfolded since the news broke this morning. 

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Hockey Is Destroying Western Civilization

Jonathan Willis
September 06 2011 09:22PM

Laura Robinson’s article on the Vancouver riots and the violence-worshipping nature of hockey doesn’t quite go as far as the title above, but she comes close.

Robinson argues that hockey – she cites the Vancouver Olympics and the Canucks’ playoff run – leads to violence against women, because of the culture of violence in hockey.

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Building A Power Play

Jonathan Willis
September 06 2011 07:05PM

The Edmonton Oilers haven’t had a competent power play for a long time. They’ve rotated through coaches and point men alike, without finding success. They’ve added some intriguing options to the line-up: both young players still developing, and established veterans like Ryan Smyth and Eric Belanger. Who should the team use on the power play this year?

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