Robin Brownlee
July 17 2011 05:38PM


I've never been in a rush to pick the opening night roster for the Edmonton Oilers in the middle of the summer -- and I've poked fun at those who do -- because I'm of the mind that there's generally a decision or two, maybe three, that actually hinge on what happens in training camp and pre-season.

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July 17 2011 05:30PM

Thousands of years ago when computers were invented we highly doubt that they were intended to bring you wireless transmissions from the radiola. But in the year 2011, here we are bringing you NationRadio. This weeks guests include David Staples, Jonathan Willis, Tyler Dellow and Bob Stauffer.

Commerical free as always - it's NationRadio.

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Another Watershed Season

July 17 2011 07:35AM

One year ago, the Edmonton Oilers graduated an enormous number of young men to pro hockey. The NHL kids (Hall, Paajarvi, Eberle) were joined by an exceptional group in Oklahoma City (led by Linus Omark and Teemu Hartikainen). This season there's more excitement in store. Can this year's prospects come close to the quality and depth of the 2010 group?

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Point Totals

Jonathan Willis
July 17 2011 12:51AM

People have crazy ideas about the number of points forwards should be recording.

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The Center Depth Chart

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2011 10:30AM

As most have undoubtedly heard by now, yesterday the Oilers re-signed Ryan O’Marra to a one-year contract. It’s a depth signing, and while he’ll undoubtedly compete for a spot in training camp my expectation is that he starts the year in Oklahoma.

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