The Remarkable Devan Dubnyk

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2009 12:35PM

I’m a skeptic about the value of drafting and developing goaltenders. I think their development is slower and less reliable than that of other prospects. I think they’re cheap and readily available from Europe or via free agency. With all that out of the way, the Oilers may have a gem in Devan Dubnyk.

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Oilers vs. Blues Postgame: Record Setters

Jonathan Willis
December 11 2009 11:25PM

Oilers: 5

Blues: 3

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GDB XXXII: On streaking and 'Oilothymia'

Jason Gregor
December 11 2009 11:06AM

It was only a week ago that many were calling for the Dive For Five, but today you're looking at a potential five-game winning streak that would put the Oilers one point out of the playoffs. How did this happen? Chalk it up to Oilothymia.

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A city in ruins

December 11 2009 09:39AM

We had the chance to read Brownlee's uplifting article a few days back and we had another reason to be happy we left town — we are unfamiliar with the locations of suicide stations over here in Europe and so the show had to go on.

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Around the league - Dec 10, 2009

Jason Gregor
December 10 2009 02:33PM

It is amazing how players get a reputation, positively or negatively, and how it sticks with them; in many cases for longer than it should. I’m not talking just about how the fans look at a player, but also how coaches and management view their own player.

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