Jason Gregor
June 15 2011 10:47AM

With the draft less than ten days away, thankfully we are starting to hear, read and see some trade rumours. Two weeks ago Scott Howson was very upfront to numerous media outlets, including Oilers Lunch on the TEAM 1260, that he was looking to move the 8th overall pick to get a veteran player that could help his team. Media and fans don't need much to toss a few logs into the rumour mill to get it heated up, but Howson's words were like gasoline and the mill became an instant inferno.

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June 15 2011 01:14AM

Get a load of our fellow Justice League: Twitter edition cohort. @faqu94 sends his best along with a picture of himself getting ready for Game 7. @michealrioux later pointed out: “I love how he wolfed down a bag of Old Dutch chips right before the pic."

Classic case of crushing Old Dutch and taking an epic pic if you ask us.

Game 7 for all the beans is all that’s left Nation. It's a good old fashioned GDB: SCF7.

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Robin Brownlee
June 14 2011 05:33PM

After almost 30 years of making a living with a keyboard, it's amazing how just three weeks away from it has rendered me almost completely unable to type a sentence.

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The Worst Offensive Season of Kurtis Foster’s Career

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2011 02:03PM

Kurtis Foster did not get rave reviews for his play in 2010-11. He slid down the depth chart, falling behind rookies and castoffs like Theo Peckham, Jeff Petry and Jim Vandermeer in terms of ice-time. Even that overstates the case; in terms of even-strength ice-time Foster was used just a little more than Taylor Chorney and Jason Strudwick on a per-game basis.

Does this past season reflect Foster’s real value? I have some doubts.

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June 13 2011 12:36PM

This is L'il Wayne, Birdman and Mark Cuban celebrating the Mavericks NBA Championshop in Miami last night. If we don't want to see a similar scene featuring Tom Cochrane, The Odds and Ryan Kesler somewhere in Boston tonight, the Bruins are going to need to step up to the plate.

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