Sakic? No YOU Sakic!

Amber McCormick
March 23 2008 05:30PM


I laughed. I cried. It gave me the best feeling I’ve ever had on a Saturday afternoon (except that time I saw a matinee of a generic, non-descript Jason Statham movie but that’s between Mr Statham and I).

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Pumping seven into the Avs' net makes goaltending irrelevant

March 22 2008 09:07PM

Those of you who know how we roll at the Nation know that we ghost ride the whip anytime anything good happens round these parts.

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The 'Little Team That Thinks It Can' still in it

Robin Brownlee
March 22 2008 05:51PM

From a February game against the Avs this season

Destiny's Team? OK, that's a bit melodramatic, but you've got to wonder if the Hockey Gods are smiling on the Edmonton Oilers after today's 7–5 win over the Colorado Avalanche at Rexall Place.

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Never has 1pm on a Saturday mattered more to us

March 22 2008 09:42AM

title.jpg (click to enlarge) What are you usually doing at 1pm on a Saturday?

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About that sneaking suspicion...

Robin Brownlee
March 21 2008 06:40PM

Mathieu, how could you? I thought we had a, well, you know, a connection. Now this? A fib? Where's the trust?

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