'Worst. OTR. Ever.' or 'Ray Emery: confirmed douche'

July 15 2008 09:49AM

OK, we admit we normally don’t watch Off The Record with Michael Landsberg.

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Let’s file this under 'F' for 'ucked up'

July 14 2008 09:14AM

Ok, stop us if you have heard this one.

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A trip down memory lane

July 11 2008 10:27AM

The year was 1994 and we were but a sprightly student in grade seven. MC Hammer dominated the rap game, girls carried incurable cooties and had to be avoided at all costs.

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Well hello, what's this?

July 11 2008 07:46AM

You may notice that there are a couple minor changes to the Nation, and that it’s been acting a little funny for the past day or so. Well aren’t you observant! Here, we have a present for you!


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Robin Brownlee
July 08 2008 12:01PM


Will Jason Smith be the latest former Edmonton Oilers captain to come home?

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