Jonathan Willis
March 31 2009 12:00PM


Certain bromide salts were once used medicinally as a mild sedative. It's an apt description for the vast majority of interviews with players in professional sports, although it's particularly applicable to the NHL.

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We won't get fooled again

March 31 2009 09:01AM


Just when you think things couldn’t get any more insulting to Oilers fans – it happens.

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Thanks for nothing

March 30 2009 09:47AM


It took us 76 games, a hundred odd posts and a hojillion comments defending this team but it has finally happened. We have officially had enough of this shitanusly mediocre 2008-2009 Edmonton Oilers hockey squadron. Don't get us wrong. We sit firmly planted on the Oilers bandwagon. It's just that none of the players seem interested in driving us anywhere.

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Robin Brownlee
March 30 2009 12:16AM


The official sign golf season was underway used to be the opening of Golden West Golf Course, but with the modest old track now closed, the Edmonton Oilers have taken over as the official beacon that's it's time for fans to move along and tee it up.

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GDB 76: Time for war

March 29 2009 01:32PM


Today is already a good day. The Oilers play the Wild, we are going to be in attendance and we get to write the GDB without any editorial overlords messing with our junk.

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