Coaches Wanted

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2009 11:36AM

Word came today that David Bell has joined the Barrie Colts as an assistant coach. Bell spent last season as an assistant coach to Jeff Truitt and Rob Daum in Springfield.

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People in Edmonton Don’t Want (To Pay For) A New Arena

Jonathan Willis
August 23 2009 06:00PM


An interesting study on support for a new taxpayer-funded arena for the Edmonton Oilers came out yesterday (g/t Battle of Alberta). The headline is that 76% of Edmontonians don’t like the idea of the city using tax dollars to help build a new arena.

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NHL Teams Ranked By Cap Space

Jonathan Willis
August 22 2009 02:00PM


The fact that the salary cap has changed the NHL landscape is something that anyone who follows hockey is constantly reminded of. For the Western Canadian teams, that salary cap was once something worth fighting for; but a number of factors – most importantly, the recovery of the Canadian dollar – have changed it from a blessing to a curse.

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Wherefore art thou, Dany Boy?

Robin Brownlee
August 22 2009 08:57AM


Well Dany Heatley certainly shed plenty of light on his reasons for not wanting to become an Edmonton Oiler when he finally addressed the media Friday, didn't he?

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Here's how you know things are bad

Ryan Lambert
August 21 2009 01:32PM


A post in which the young author is held computerless for almost two weeks.

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