Apparently Rob Tychkowski Dislikes Dustin Penner

Jonathan Willis
February 28 2009 11:31AM

Dustin Penner

It probably isn’t a good idea to read Rob Tychkowski’s latest column if you’re at all a fan of Dustin Penner, as I am.

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Team Needs

Jonathan Willis
February 28 2009 09:26AM


There have been a lot of articles the last few days stating that the Oilers desperately need to boost their offense at the trade deadline.

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Canucks Claim Ossi Vaananen: Trade Implications

Jonathan Willis
February 27 2009 02:21PM


Anybody remember Daniel Briere?

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Deep Thoughts VII: sick and tired

Robin Brownlee
February 27 2009 01:17PM


I was going to go out to Millennium Place today and watch the Edmonton Oilers, but I've come down with whatever's laid the rest of my family low and decided to stay home.

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Only sort of about hockey

February 27 2009 11:00AM


I sat through the entire game last night in glorious HD. High-def was the only thing glorious about it.

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