Hypotheticals: Expansion Draft

Jonathan Willis
July 18 2009 11:18AM


Let’s say for a moment that the NHL has decided to add two more franchises, like they did in 2000 (Minnesota and Columbus). The first thing they do is hold an expansion draft for the two teams, which are to be located in Hamilton and Kansas City.

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Onward and upward

Robin Brownlee
July 17 2009 10:55PM


Now that I've had a good cry after hearing Edmonton Oilers assistant GM Kevin Prendergast admit the team has "given up hope" in its pursuit of Dany Heatley, I will wring out my notepad and try to move on.

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Kevin Prendergast: Oilers Have “Given Up Hope” On Dany Heatley

Jonathan Willis
July 17 2009 01:24PM


When it comes to truly dream-crushing quotes, Dan Tencer has the best set I’ve seen lately courtesy of Oilers’ assistant GM Kevin Prendergast.

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Hitting and Winning Games

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2009 07:30PM


It’s frequently stated that physicality and a strong hitting game lead to winning. With that in mind, I decided to look at how the five highest hitting teams each season over the past decade compared with the five lowest hitting teams.

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Dogged by the schedule

Jason Gregor
July 16 2009 09:15AM


I remember when Bruce Buchanan used to call Oiler games on TV, and it was a privilege as a kid to get to see a game because not even half of them were televised.

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