GDB 71: Shifting Fortunes

Jonathan Willis
March 20 2009 05:24PM


It’s March 20th, a rather appropriate day for things to be the opposite of how they should be.

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True Confessions

Robin Brownlee
March 20 2009 09:52AM


Faster than oil companies have gouged us again with a four-cent increase at the gas pumps to mark the first day of spring, optimism over the Edmonton Oilers playoff chances has grown in leaps and bounds after Thursday's 8-1 laugher over the feeble Colorado Avalanche.

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Skeet skeet skeet

March 20 2009 08:48AM


- Li’l Jon of the East side boyz

Did we do some sort of Quantum Leap type interdimensional travel when we were buckled at the hockey game on St. Patty’s day? Was this really our beloved local hockey squadron in action? Did Sam Gagner really have a hat trick to go along with his five points?

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GDB 70: Against the Avs, Roloson's 26th straight start

Jason Gregor
March 19 2009 04:20PM

Edmonton Oilers goaltender Dwayne Roloson starts his 26th straight game tonight against the Colorado Avalanche

Lucky number 26? If 13 is widely considered unlucky by many, I wonder if double the amount is twice as bad or if there’s no significance what so ever.

Either way, Dwayne Roloson will start his 26th straight game tonight against the Avs. An Oiler win tonight should get JDD his first start since November 30, tomorrow in Chicago.

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Around The Blogosphere: Quinquatria

Jonathan Willis
March 19 2009 01:39PM

The Minerva Temple in Rome. Apparently, this has something to do with Oilers hockey.

Today being the 19th of March, no doubt everyone’s been busy celebrating their favorite ancient Roman holiday! This one day festival was dedicated to Minerva, who was busy even by mythological standards: she served as the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, and crafts. She also invented music; without her help, Hall & Oates would never have come up with the epic sound of Private Eyes (clap clap).

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