MacT blamed for Oilers' win

March 16 2008 09:21PM


So you’re MacT. You have 11 games left in your big playoff push, as improbable as that idea can be.

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Penner isn't working hard for the money

Robin Brownlee
March 16 2008 06:49PM

(When Penner scored goals...)

"I'm going to get in the best shape I can coming into camp here and just play hockey.

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Well it sort of comes down to this

March 16 2008 01:09PM


The Oilers (8-2-0 in their past ten) face the Sharks (10-0-0 in their past ten tonight) at 6pm.

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Stompin' Chris Pronger: the NHL sort of wakes up

Robin Brownlee
March 15 2008 03:04PM

First the NHL decided repeat offender Chris Pronger shouldn't be suspended at all for stomping Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks with his skate last Wednesday.

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Oilers potpourri: Brownlee's brain dump

Robin Brownlee
March 14 2008 01:08PM

warrior.jpg  (WARRIOR, pictured above, is consoled by his teddy after Brownlee tears a strip off of him.) I thought I'd be like the Oilers in Denver and not show up today, but there's so many things rattling around my big, empty head...

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