To you, Gods of Hockey, we pray

March 24 2008 01:57PM


O Gods of Hockey, we salute you.

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Garon comes clean... sort of

Robin Brownlee
March 23 2008 10:03PM

Mathieu Garon still won't say it's his ankle that's kept him out of the Edmonton Oilers line-up the last five games, but he admitted today he's been injured since March 7.

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Pouliot far from finished, kids

Robin Brownlee
March 23 2008 05:45PM

He's been written off as finished by some fans, but considering Marc Pouliot is two months shy of his 23rd birthday, is it a stretch to suggest he's just getting started?

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Sakic? No YOU Sakic!

Amber McCormick
March 23 2008 05:30PM


I laughed. I cried. It gave me the best feeling I’ve ever had on a Saturday afternoon (except that time I saw a matinee of a generic, non-descript Jason Statham movie but that’s between Mr Statham and I).

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Pumping seven into the Avs' net makes goaltending irrelevant

March 22 2008 09:07PM

Those of you who know how we roll at the Nation know that we ghost ride the whip anytime anything good happens round these parts.

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