The thing I hate most about the Oilers

Jonathan Willis
November 12 2008 08:42AM

I’m not a guy who “hates” hockey players, as a rule. I’m not a big fan of Todd Bertuzzi, as an example, or Mike Comrie, or the Apostate, but I don’t hate them

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Bad to the bone

Robin Brownlee
November 11 2008 03:42PM

The Edmonton Oilers won't be as tough with Steve MacIntyre out of the line-up with a fractured orbital bone, but they just got a whole lot nastier with the acquisition of Jesse Boulerice.

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Eklund vs. Willis vs. Koules

Jonathan Willis
November 11 2008 02:00PM

I’ve long held the opinion that any reasonable fan with an idea of the cap situations around the league could make up rumours as believable, or more believable, than the ones that “Eklund” posts on his site every day.

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GDB 15: We run New York

November 10 2008 02:55PM


Remember how Sather going to NYC was going to basically guarantee that they win the Stanley Cup for the next 100 years consecutively?

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Ducks lose Hemsky gets a 'score'

November 10 2008 01:48PM

Panthers 2; Ducks 1; Wanye 15

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